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1 Paranasal sinuses. Sinus paranasales. A B

2 Maxillary sinus. Sinus maxillaris. Situated below the orbit and lateral to the nose, it opens below the middle nasal concha. A

3 Sphenoidal sinus. Sinus sphenoidalis. Paired sinus within the sphenoid bone behind the sphenoethmoidal recess and above the na-sopharyngeal cavity; it opens into the sphenoethmoidal recess. B

4 Frontal sinus. [[Cellulae ethmoidales]]. Sinus frontalis. Sinus in the squama of the frontal bone and often also in the orbital part, it opens below the middle concha. A B

5 Ethmoidal sinus. Sinus ethmoidales. System of cavities with pea-sized air cells between the nasal cavity and orbit. It is divided into the following parts. A

6 Anterior sinus. Sinus anteriores. Anterior group of ethmoidal air cells which opens below the middle nasal concha. A

7 Middle sinus. Sinus medii. Middle group of ethmoidal air cells which opens below the middle nasal concha. A

8 Posterior sinus. Sinus posteriores. Posterior group of ethmoidal air cells which opens below the superior nasal concha. A

9 Ethmoidal bulla. Bulla ethmoidalis. Rudimentary nasal concha in the form of a vesicular, bulging ethmoidal air cell located below the middle nasal concha. B

10 Infundibulum ethmoidale. Recess in front of the ethmoidal bulla in the middle nasal meatus. It receives the openings of the maxillary and frontal sinuses. B

11 Hiatus semilunaris. Semilunar fissure between the ethmoidal bulla and the uncinate process. B

12 LARYNX. It lies between the pharynx and trachea. C

13 LARYNGEAL CARTILAGES AND JOINTS. Cartilagines et articulationes laryngeales.

14 Thyroid cartilage. Cartilago thyroidea. Largest laryngeal cartilage that partially encloses the others. C D

15 Laryngeal prominence. Prominentia laryngea. Prominence in the midline of the neck produced by the thyroid cartilage. It is more pronounced in males (Adam's apple). C D

16 Right/left lamina. Lamina dextra/sinistra. Lateral plates of the thyroid cartilage meeting in the midline like the bow of a ship. C D

17 Superior thyroid notch. Incisura thyroidea superior. Deep, median notch in the upper portion of the thyroid cartilage, between the right and left thyroid laminae. C D

18 Inferior thyroid notch. Incisura thyroidea in-ferius. Shallow median notch at the lower margin of the thyroid cartilage. D

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