1 Posterior column. Columna posterior. It is composed primarily of sensory neurons. B

2 Posterior horn. Cornu posterius. Hook-shaped structure seen in transverse section of the spinal cord. A

3 Apex. Apical cap of posterior horn consisting of large nerve cells ventral to the substantia gelatinosa. A C

4 Head. Caput. Thickened middle part of posterior horn in the lower cervical and thoracic spinal cord. A

5 Cervix. Thinner segment of posterior horn between the head and base. A

6 Base. Basis. Broadened attachment of the posterior horn to the middle part of the gray matter. A

7 Substantia gelatinosa. Mobile, slightly glassy substance above the apex of the posterior horn. It consists primarily of glia and small ganglion cells. AC

8 Secondary visceral substance. Substantia visceralis secundaria. Small field of autonomic ganglion cells anterior to the central intermediate substance. A

9 Lateral column. Columna lateralis. Gray matter between the anterior and posterior horns. B

10 Lateral horn. Cornu laterale. Lateral prominence of gray matter. A

11 Interomediolateral (autonomic) column. Columna intermediolateralis (autonomica). Structure seen as the lateral horn in transverse section. It contains cells of the sympathetic nervous system and extends from T1-L2. A B

12 Central intermediate gray matter. Substantia [grisea] intermedia centralis. Ganglion cells at the central canal. A C

13 Lateral intermediate gray matter. Substantia [grisea] intermedia lateralis. Part of the sympathetic nervous system in the lateral horn. It extends from T1-L2. A C

14 Thoracic column. Columna thoracica (nuc. thoracicus) [[Stilling-Clarke]]. It lies at the base of the posterior horn and usually extends from C8-L2. It belongs partly to the posterior spinocerebellar tract. A C

15 Sacral parasympathetic nuclei. Nuclei para-sympathici sacrales. Cells of the sacral para-symphathetic nervous system in segments S2-4 situated between the anterior and posterior horns.

16 Reticular formation. Formatio reticularis. Netlike mixture of gray and white matter in the angle between the lateral and posterior horns. A C

16a Anterior/posterior gray commissure. Com-missura grisea anterior/posterior. Gray matter situated in front of and behind the central canal. C

17 WHITE MATTER. Substantia alba. It consists primarily of myelinated nerve fibers.

18 Anterior white commissure. Commissura alba anterior. White matter with fibers crossing between the central intermediate gray matter and the anterior median commissure. C

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