Dorsal sacroiliac ligaments. Ligg. sacroiliaca posteriora (dorsalia). Superficial bundle of ligaments attached dorsally to the interosseous sacroiliac ligaments between the sacrum and ilium. B

Pubic symphsis. Symphysis pubica. Synchon-drosisthatarticulateswiththeinterpubicdisc.A Superior pubic ligament. Lig. pubicum su-perius. Fibrous connection between the two halvesofthesymphysisemanatingfromthepec-ten ossis pubis on either side. A Arcuate pubic ligament. Lig. arcuatum pubis. Strong, curved ligament below the symphysis. A Interpubic disc. Discus interpubicus. Fibrocar-tilage plate with a synovia-filled median groove, located between the articular surfaces made of hyaline cartilage on the right and left pubic bones. A

JOINTS OF THE FREE LOWER LIMB. Articula-tiones membri inferioris liberi. HIP JOINT. Articulatio coxae (iliofemoralis).Joint formed by the acetabulum and the head of the femur. ABC

Joint capsule. Capsula articularis. It is attached anteriorly to the intertrochanteric line, posteriorly above to the intertrochanteric crest. A fracture of the neck of the femur can therefore be in-tracapsular when in the anterior region or extra-capsular when in the posterior region. A Orbicular zone. Zona orbicularis. Ligamentous fibers encircling the neck of the femur. B Iliofemoral ligament. Lig. iliofemorale. Strong anterior ligamentofthehipjoint capsule extending from the ilium to the intertrochanteric line. A B

Ischiofemoral ligament. Lig. ischiofemorale. It radiates into the orbicular zone from the posterior margin of the acetabulum and is also attached to the anterior margin of the greater tro-chanter and to the intertrochanteric line. B Pubofemoral ligament. Lig. pubofemorale. Ligamentthatarisesmediallyfromthejointcap-suleofthe pubic bone and extends to the orbicular zone and to the part of the femur proximal to the lesser trochanter. A

Acetabular lip.Labrumacetabulare.Aringoffi-brocartilage and connective tissue that completes and deepens the bonyacetabulum. C Transverse acetabular ligament. Lig. trans-versumacetabuli.Itbridgestheacetabularnotch. C

Ligament of head of femur. Lig. capitis femoris. A smooth ligament extending from the acetabu-lar notch to the pit on the head of the femur. It transmits blood vessels and has no direct mechanical action. C

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