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1 LUMBAR NERVES. Nn. lumbales (lumbares). Five lumbar spinal nerves each emerging below its respective lumbar vertebra.

2 Posterior branches. Rami posteriores. They supply the autochthonous back muscles and the skin overlying them. C

3 Medial branch. Ramus medialis. Weak motor branch in the lumbar region. C

4 Lateral branch. Ramus lateralis. Predominantly sensory. C

5 Superior clunial (gluteal) branches. Rami clunium (gluteales) superiores. Lateral rami of L1-3 supplying the skin up to the greater tro-chanter (buttock region). B

6 Anterior branches. Rami anteriores. Ventral branches forming the lumbar plexus. C

7 SACRAL NERVES AND COCCYGEAL NERVE. Nn. sacrales et n. coccygeus. Five sacral and one coccygeal nerve.

8 Posterior branches. Rami posteriores. Sensory and motor rami emerging from the posterior sacral foramina. A B

9 Medial branch. Ramus medialis. It supplies the multifidus and the skin over the sacrum and coccyx. A B

10 Lateral branch. Ramus lateralis. Sensorybranch for the skin over the coccyx formed by the union ofsensoryfibers from the posterior rami ofS1-3. AB

11 Medial clunial (gluteal) nerves. Rami clunium (gluteales) mediales. Sensory nerves from S1-3.They penetrate the gluteus maximus and supply the skin of the medial, upper gluteal region. B

12 Anterior branches. Rami anteriores. They pass through the anterior sacral foramina and form the sacral plexus. A C

13 LUMBOSACRAL PLEXUS. Plexus lumbosacralis. Collective term for the combined lumbar and sacral plexuses joined together by fibers from L4 and mutually supplying the lower limb. C

14 LUMBAR PLEXUS. Plexus lumbalis (lumbaris). Nerve network formed by spinal nerves L1-4 which lie at the anterior side of the leg.

15 Iliohypogastric nerve. N. iliohypogastricus. Nerve that contains sensory and motor fibers from T12 and L1 for the abdominal muscles. It traverses the psoas major, then courses between the transversus abdominis and internal abdominal muscles and pierces the latter medial to the anterior superior iliac spine. C

16 Lateral cutaneous branch. Ramus cutaneus lateralis. It can reach as far as the lateral gluteal region. C

17 Anterior cutaneous branch. Ramus cutaneus anterior. It frequently penetrates the aponeurosis of the external oblique just above the superficial inguinal ring and supplies the skin in this area. C

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