1 lUROCENITAL SYSTEM. Apparatus urogenitalis (systema urogenitale). Urinary and genital organs.

2 URINARY ORGANS. Organa urinaria.

4 Lateral margin. Margo lateralis. Convex lateral border of kidney. A

5 Medial margin. Margo medialis. Border of the kidney which becomes concave at the hilum. A

6 Renal hilum. Hilum renale. Site of entry and exit of renal blood vessels and ureter. A

7 Renal sinus. Sinus renalis. Very concave cavity at the medial border for the renal hilum. B D

18 Anterior surface. Facies anterior. Curved anterior surface of the kidney. A D

9 Posterior surface. Facies posterior. Nearly flat posterior surface of the kidney. D

10 Upper pole of kidney. Extremitas superior. A B

11 Lower pole of kidney. Extremitas inferior. B

12 Renal fascia. Fascia renalis. Fibrous sheath that separates the adipose capsule from the per-irenal fat. D

13 Pararenal fatty body. Corpus adiposum para-renale. Fat pad between the posterior layer of the renal fascia and the transversalis fascia. D

14 Fatty capsule. Capsula adiposa. Fatty capsule of the kidney, more prominent posteriorly and medially. D

15 Fibrous capsule. Capsula fibrosa. Tough organ capsule fused with the surface of the kidney, but removable. D F

16 Renal segments. Segmenta renalia. Five segments of the kidney corresponding to the blood supply regions of the branches of the renal artery.

17 Superior segment. Segm. superius. Upper segment extending up to the posterior surface. AB

18 Upper anterior segment. Segm. anterius su-perius. A

19 Lower anterior segment. Segm. anterius in-ferius. A

20 Inferior segment. Segm. inferius. It reaches as far as the posterior and anterior surfaces. A B

21 Posterior segment. Segm. posterius. B

22 Renal (uriniferous) tubule (nephron). Tubulus renalis. Tubular system representing the structural unit of the kidney in which filtration and selective reabsorption take place. C

23 Convoluted uriniferous tubules. [[Tubuli renales contorti]]. Tortuous parts of the renal tubules. C

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