Ampullary osseous crura. Crura ossea ampul-laria. Crura of the semicircular canals dilated for accomodation of the ampullae of the membranous labyrinth. B

Cochlea. It makes 2V2-23/4 turns, measures 8-9 mm at its base and is altogether 4-5 mm high. B

Apex of cochlea. Cupula cochlea. Anteroinferi-orly and laterally directed structure within the cranium. B

Base of cochlea. Basis cochlea. Structure with a surface pointing approx. in the direction of the internal acoustic meatus. A Spiral canal of cochlea. Canalis spiralis cochleae. It is partitioned into three canals by the osseous spiral lamina and the basilar membrane on one side and the vestibularwall ofthe cochlear duct on the other. A Modiolus. Conical axis of the cochlea. It is hollowed out for accomodation of the cochlear nerve and forms the medial wall of the spiral canal. A

Base of modiolus. Basis modioli. Beginning of the cochlear axis. A

Lamina of modiolus. Lamina modioli. Bony plate extending upward as a continuation ofthe bony spiral lamina. A

Spiral canal of modiolus. Canalis spiralis modioli. Fine channel in the axial wall near the base of the bony spiral lamina. It contains the spiral ganglion. A

Longitudinal canals of modiolus. Canales longitudinales modioli. Centrally located bony channels containing fibers of the cochlear nerve leaving the spiral ganglion. A

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