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1 Regions of lower limb. Regiones membri infe-rioris. The various anatomic regions of the lower limb.

2 Gluteal region. Regio glutealis. Area over the gluteal muscles. A

3 Gluteal fold. Sulcus glutealis. Fold passing over the gluteus maximus and bordering the buttocks inferiorly when the hip joint is extended. A

3a Hip joint. Coxa (regio coxalis).

4 Thigh region. Femur (regio femoralis).

5 Anterior thigh region. Regio (facies) femoralis anterior. B

6 Femoral triangle. Trigonum femorales. Triangular region of the groin bordered by the sartorius and adductor longus muscles and the inguinal ligament. B

7 Posterior thigh region. Regio (facies) femoralis posterior. A

8 Knee. Genus.

9 Anterior side of knee. Regio genus anterior. B

10 Posterior side of knee. Regio genus posterior. A

11 Popliteal fossa. Fossa poplitea. A

12 Lower leg. Crus.

13 Anterior surface of lower leg. Regio (facies) cruralis anterior. B

14 Posterior surface of lower leg. Regio (facies) cruralis posterior. A

15 Calf. Sura (regio suralis). A

16 Anterior and posterior talocrural (malleolar) regions. Regiones talocrurales anterior et posterior.

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