10 Coronoid process. Processus coronoideus. Muscular process separated from the posteriorly situated condylar process by the mandibular notch. Attachment site of the temporalis muscle. A

10a Temporal crest. Crista temporalis. Sharp bony ridge at the anterior margin of the coronoid process for attachment of the temporalis muscle. A

11 Mandibular notch. Incisura mandibulae. Indentation between the condylar and coronoid processes. A

12 Condylar process. Processus condylaris. Articular process. A

13 Head of mandible. Caput mandibulae. Articular head of the mandible. A

14 Neck of mandible. Collum mandibulae. Narrow segment below the head of the mandible. A

15 Pterygoid fovea. Fovea pterygoidea. Anterome-dial pit below the head of the mandible for attachment of the lateral pterygoid muscle. A

16 Hyoid bone. Os hyoideum. It starts to ossify before birth. B

17 Body of hyoid. Corpus ossis hyoidea. Anterior segment between the right and left (greater and lesser) horns. B

18 Lesser horn (cornu). Cornu minus. B

19 Greater horn (cornu). Cornu majus. B

20 SKULL. Cranium. DEF

20a CRANIAL CAVITY. Cavitas cranii.

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