Raphe Scrotalis

1 Scrotum. The scrotal sac containing the two testes. A

2 Raphe of scrotum. Raphe scroti (scrotalis). Developmental median skin suture on the scrotum. A

3 Septum of scrotum. Septum scroti (scrotale). Median connective tissue partition in the scrotum. A

4 Dartos muscle. Tunica [musculus] dartos. Layer of subcutaneous smooth muscle fibers that wrinkle the skin of the scrotum. A

5 INTERNAL FEMALE GENITALIA. Organa genitalia feminina interna. BCD

6 Ovary. Ovarium. Intraperitoneal, almond-

I shaped gonad, about 2.5-4.5 cm long and 0.51 cm thick. C D

7 Hilum of ovary. Hilum ovarii. Place ofentryand exitoftheovarianvesselsandattachmentsiteof the mesovarium. C

8 Medial surface. Facies medialis. Surface of the ovary directed medial to the intrapelvic space. D

9 Lateral surface. Facies lateralis. Surface of the ovary adjoining the wall of the pelvis. D

10 Free margin. Margo liber. Free margin of the ovary lying opposite the hilum of the ovary. C D

11 Mesovarian border. Margo mesovaricus. Margin of attachment of the mesovarium lying opposite the free margin. D

12 Tubal extremity. Extremitas tubaria (tubalis). Upper pole of the ovary that faces the uterine tube. D

13 Uterine extremity. Extremitas uterina. Lower pole of the ovary facing the uterus. D

14 Tunica albuginea. Thin organ capsule beneath the epithelial covering of the ovary, sometimes called the "germinal epithelium." C

15 Stroma of ovary. Stroma ovarii. Highly nucleated connective tissue framework of the ovary. C

16 Cortex of ovary. Cortex ovarii. Cortical region of the ovary with follicles of variable maturity. C

17 Medulla of ovary. Medulla ovarii. Tissue and massofbloodvesselsthatformthecentralareaof the ovary. C

18 Primary ovarian follicles. Folliculi ovarici pri-marii. Immature ovarian follicles, each con-sistingofanovumsurroundedbyasinglelayerof follicular epithelial cells without a lumen. C

19 Vesicular ovarian [[Graafian]] follicles. Folliculi ovarici vesiculosi. Maturing ovarian follicles, each with a fluid-filled cavity (antrum). B C

20 [[Thecae folliculi]]. Specific connective tissue investments of the follicles. B

21 Theca externa. External, fibrous layer of the theca folliculi. B

22 Theca interna. Internal cell and vessel-rich layer of the theca folliculi. It produces estradiol when the follicle is mature. B

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