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19 Superior thyroid tubercle. Tuberculum thy-roideum superior. Small lateral prominence on the outside of the thyroid lamina at the upper end of the oblique line. C D

20 Inferior thyroid tubercle. Tuberculum thy-roideum inferius. Small lateral prominence at the lower end of the oblique line. C D

21 Oblique line. Linea obliqua. Oblique ridge on the outside of the thyroid cartilage for the attachment of the sternothyroid and thyrohyoid muscles and the inferior constrictor muscle of the pharynx. C D

22 Superior horn (cornu). Cornu superius. Superior process of thyroid cartilage. It serves for the attachment of the thyrohyoid ligament. C D

23 Inferior horn (cornu). Cornu inferius. Inferior process of posterior margin of thyroid cartilage for articular connection with the cricoid cartilage. C D

24 Thyroid foramen. [Foramen thyroideum]. Hole occasionally present laterally below the superior tubercle for passage of the superior laryn-geal artery and vein. C

25 Thyrohyoid membrane. Membrana thyrohy-oidea. Membrane rich in elastic fibers between the upper posterior margin of the hyoid bone and the thyroid cartilage. C

26 Median thyrohyoid membrane. Lig. thyrohy-oideum medianum. Median reinforcement of the thyrohyoid membrane with abundant elastic fibers. C

26 a Pre-epiglottic fat body. Corpus adiposum prae-epiglotticum. Space-filling adipose body between epiglottis, thyronhyoid membrane and hyo-epiglottic ligament. C See 143 C

27 Lateral thyrohyoid ligament. Ligamentum thyrohyoideum laterale. Ligament extending from the superior horn to the posterior end of the greater horn of the hyoid bone. It provides lateral reinforcement for the thyrohyoid membrane. C

28 Cartilago triticea. Elastic cartilage, the size of a grain of wheat, in the thyrohyoid ligament. C

1 Cricoid cartilage. Cartilago cricoidea. Ring of cartilage lying at the upper end of the trachea that articulates with the thyroid cartilage. A B D

2 Arch of cricoid cartilage. Arcus cartilaginis cri-coideae. Anterior and lateral parts of cricoid cartilage. A B

3 Lamina of cricoid cartilage. Lamina cartilaginis cricoideae. Tall posterior plate of the cricoid cartilage. A B

4 Articular surface for arytenoid cartilage. Facies articularis arytenoidea. Oblique, oval articular facet for the arytenoid cartilage located laterally at the upper margin of the cricoid lamina. A

5 Articular surface for thyroid cartilage. Facies articularis thyroidea. Somewhat prominent articular facet for the thyroid cartilage situated inferiorly on the lateral margin of the lamina. A

6 Cricothyroid joint. Articulatio cricothyroidea. Articulation between the thyroid and cricoid cartilages. It permits tilting movements as well as horizontal and vertical gliding movements. B

7 Cricothyroid joint capsule. Capsula articu-laris cricothyroidea. Thin articular capsule. B

7 a Ceratocricoid ligament. Lig. ceratocri-

coideum. Capsular reinforcement for limitation of shearing movements. B

8 Median cricothyroid ligament. Lig. cricothy-roideum medianum. Strong vertical ligament in the midline between the thyroid and cricoid cartilages. B D

9 Cricotracheal ligament. Lig. cricotracheale. Elastic membrane between the cricoid cartilage and the first tracheal cartilage. B D

10 Arytenoid cartilage. Cartilago anytenoidea. Pyramid-like cartilage on the cricoid cartilage. C D

11 Articular surface. Facies articularis. Cylindrical, concave joint surface below the muscular process for articulation with the cricoid. C

12 Base of arytenoid. Basis cartilaginis aryte-noideae. Undersurface of arytenoid cartilage. C

13 Anterolateral surface. Facies anterolateralis. Surface directed anterolaterally for muscular insertion and origin. C

14 Vocal process. Processus vocalis. Anteriorly directed process for attachment of the vocal ligament. C

15 Arcuate crest. Crista arcuata. Cartilaginous ridge which begins between the oblong and triangular foveae, arches around the triangular fovea and ends at the colliculus. C

16 Colliculus. Small projection at the end of the arcuate crest. C D

17 Oblong fovea. Fovea oblonga. Depression on the anteroinferior surface of the arytenoid cartilage for attachment of the thyroarytenoid muscle. C

Feneis, Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy © 2000 Thieme

18 Triangular fovea. Fovea triangularis. Gland-filled depression above the oblong fovea. C

19 Medial surface. Facies medialis. C

20 Posterior surface. Facies posterior. C

21 Apex of arytenoid cartilage. Apex cartilaginis arytenoideae. It arches posteriorly from the arytenoid cartilage. C D

22 Muscular process. Processus muscularis. Short process that projects posterolaterally from the arytenoid cartilage for attachment ofthe posterior and lateral cricoarytenoid muscles. C

23 Cricoarytenoid joint. Articulatio cricoaryte-noidea. Cylindrical joint between the cricoid and arytenoid cartilages. It permits oscillating movements around an obliquely placed cylindrical axis and gliding movements parallel to the axis. D

24 Articular capsule of cricoarytenoid joint.

Capsula articularis cricoarytenoidea. Thin-walled, flaccid capsule of joint between cricoid and arytenoid cartilages. D

25 Cricoarytenoid ligament. Lig. cricoaryte-noideum. Important elastic ligament for the closure of the rima glottidis. It passes posteriorly from the cricoid lamina to the medial part of the arytenoid. D

26 Cricopharyngeal ligament. Lig. cricopharyn-geum. Fiber tract beginning at the corniculate cartilage. After attachment to the posterior side of the cricoid, it passes beneath the overlying pharyngeal mucosa. D

27 Sesamoid cartilage. [Cartilago sesamoidea]. Piece of elastic cartilage occasionally present in the anterior end of the vocal ligament and near the arytenoid cartilage. D

28 Corniculate cartilage. Cartilago corniculata [[Santorini]]. Small elastic cartilage at the apex of the arytenoid cartilage. It produces the corniculate tubercle. C D

29 Corniculate tubercle. Tuberculum cornicu-latum. Mucosa-covered prominence over the corniculate cartilage directly above the apex of the arytenoid cartilage. See page 142.9

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