Communicating rami to the hypoglosal nerve. Rami communicantes [cum n. hypo-glosso]. It lies on the hyoglossus muscle. A

Communicating ramus to the chorda tym-pani nerve. Ramus communicans [cum chorda tympani]. A

Sublingual nerve. N. sublingualis. It passes lateral to the sublingual gland into the mucosa of the floor of the mouth and into the gingiva of the anterior mandibular teeth. A

Lingual branches. Rami linguales. Numerous rami containing sensory and taste fibers from the anterior two-thirds of the lingual mucosa. A

Ganglionic branches. Rami ganglionares. Rami communicating with the submandibular ganglion. A

Submandibular ganglion. Ganglion submandibulare. Parasympathetic ganglion above or in front of the submandibular gland. Synaptic station for preganglionic fibers of the chorda tym-pani with postganglionic fibers for the sublingual and submandibular glands. A

Inferior alveolar nerve. N. alveolaris inferior. Largest branch of mandibular nerve with sensory and motor components. It passes 1 cm behind the lingual nerve and through the mandibular foramen into the mandibular canal. A B C

Mylohyoid nerve. N. mylohyoideus. Coursing in the mylohyoid groove and then below the mylohyoid muscle, this motor nerve supplies the mylohyloid muscle and the anterior bellyof the digastric. A B C

Inferior dental plexus. Plexus dentalis inferior. Plexus of nerves within the mandibular canal. B

Inferior dental branches. Rami dentales inferiores. Rami for the mandibular teeth. B

Inferior gingival branches. Rami gingivales inferiores. Rami for the buccal gingiva of the mandibular teeth (except for the first molar). B

Mental nerve. N. mentalis. Sensory nerve exiting from the mental foramen below the 2nd premolar tooth. B

Mental branches. Rami mentales. Branches supplying the chin. B

16 Labial branches. Rami labiales. Branches supplying the lower lip. B

16 a Gingival branches. Rami gingivales. B

17 Otic ganglion. Ganglion oticum. Parasympa-thetic ganglion located medial to the mandibular nerve below the foramen ovale. It communicates with the glossopharyngeal nerve via the lesser petrosal nerve and sends secretory fibers into the parotid gland. C

18 ABDUCENT NERVE (VI). N. abducens [VI]. Sixth cranial nerve. It exits the brain in the angle between the pons and pyramid, penetrates the dura at the level of the middle of the clivus, passes laterally into the cavernous sinus and then through the inferior orbital fissure into the orbit where it supplies the rectus lateralis muscle. D

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