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"A Right radius and ulna, anterior view

Right ulna and radius, posterior view

BONES OF THE HAND. Ossa manus.

1 CARPUS. The wrist, which is situated between the forearm and metacarpal bones. A B C

2 CARPAL BONES. Ossa carpi (carpalia). The eight wrist bones. A B C

3 Accessory carpal bone (ossicle). [Os centrale]. It is occasionally found between the capitate, scaphoid and trapezoid bones. When present, it is usually fused with the scaphoid. C

4 Scaphoid. Os scaphoideum [[os naviculare]]. Proximal carpal bone situated between the lunate and trapezium bones. A B

5 Scaphoid tubercle. Tuberculum ossis sca-phoidei. Elevation on the anterior surface of the scaphoid. It protrudes visibly with radial abduction of the hand. A

6 Lunate. Os lunatum. Proximal carpal bone located between the scaphoid and triquetrum. A B

7 Triquetrum. Os triquetrum. Proximal carpal bone situated between the hamate and lunate bones, dorsal to the pisiform bone. A B

8 Pisiform. Os pisiforme. Proximal carpal bone residing on the palmar aspect of the triquetrum with which it articulates. It represents a true sesamoid bone within the tendon of the flexor carpi ulnaris. A B

9 Trapezium. Os trapezium [[os multangulum majus]]. Distal carpal bone located between the 1st metacarpal and the scaphoid. A B

10 Tubercle of trapezium. Tuberculum ossis trapezii. Elevation on the palmar side of the trapezium distal to the scaphoid tubercle and radial to the groove for the flexor carpi radialis. A

11 Trapezoid. Os trapezoideum [[os multangulum minus]]. Distal carpal bone positioned between the 2nd metacarpal and the scaphoid and between the trapezium and capitate bones. A B

12 Capitate. Os capitatum. Distal carpal bone centered between the 3rd metacarpal and the lunate bone. A B

13 Hamate. Os hamatum. Distal carpal bone located between the 4th and 5th metacarpals, capitate and triquetrum. A B

14 Hamulus (hook) of hamate. Hamulus ossis hamati. Hook-shaped process on the palmar aspect of the hamate distal to the pisiform bone. A

15 Carpal groove. Sulcus carpi. Palmar concavity between the tubercles of the scaphoid and trapezium on the radial side, and the hamulus and pisiform bone on the ulnar side. A transverse ligament converts it into a closed canal (carpal tunnel) for the flexor tendons of the fingers. A

16 METACARPUS. Region of the hand between the fingers and the wrist. A B

17 METACARPAL BONES I-V. Ossa metacarpi (metacarpalia) [I-V]. A B

18 Base of metacarpal bone. Basis metacarpalis. Proximal, broad end of a metacarpal bone. A B

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