CHIAN)TUBE.Tubaauditoria(auditiva).Narrow 4 cm long, partly cartilaginous, partly bony tube between the middle ear and the nasopharynx for aeration of the tympanic cavity. A C Tympanic ostium of auditory tube. Ostium tympanicum tubae auditoriae. Opening of the auditory tube on the anterior wall of the tympanic cavity. It usually lies slightly above the floor of the tympanic cavity. A Osseous part of auditory tube. Pars ossea tubae auditoriae. Laterally and posterosuperi-orly situated portion that involves about 1/3 of the tube's length. It lies belowthe semicanal for the tensor tympani muscle and emerges between the carotid canal and the foramen spino-sum. A

Isthmus [tubae auditoriae]. Narrow portion of the tube between the cartilaginous and bony parts of the auditory tube. A Air cells. Cellulae pneumaticae. Small fossae in the wall of the osseous part of the auditory tube. A

Cartilaginous part of auditory tube. Pars cartilaginea [tubae auditoriae]. Located anterome-dially and has a length of about 2.5 cm. A Cartilage of auditory tube. Cartilago tubae auditoriae. Hook-shaped in cross section. It becomes lower lateroposteriorly and contains elastic cartilage only in the angle between the two cartilaginous laminae. A Medial cartilaginous lamina. Lamina (car-tilaginis) medialis. Broad plate of cartilage. C Lateral cartilaginous lamina. Lamina (car-tilaginis) lateralis. Narrow anterolaterally directed plate of cartilage. C Membranous lamina. Lamina membranacea. Membranous portion of the wall of the cartilaginous part of the auditory tube. A C Tunica mucosa. Mucous membrane of auditory tube lined by a simple ciliated epithelium. C Glands of auditory tube. Glandulae tubariae. Mucous glands especially in the cartilaginous part of the tube. C

Pharyngeal opening of auditory tube. Ostium pharyngeum tubae auditoriae. Funnel-shaped to slit-like opening above the levator eminence at the level of the inferior nasal meatus 1 cm lateral and anterior to the posterior wall of the pharynx. A

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