1 Bronchioles. Bronchioli. Noncartilaginous segments of the respiratory tree directly following the bronchi. They are lined initially by pseudostratified, ciliated, columnar epithelium which is subsequently replaced by simple cuboidal epithelium. A

2 Respiratory bronchioles. Bronchioli respira-torii. Last bronchiolar segment the wall of which already consists partially of alveoli. A

3 Alveolar ducts. Ductuli alveolares. Terminal branches of the respiratory bronchioles the walls of which contain only alveoli. A

4 Alveolar sacs. Sacculi alveolares. Blind, expanded ends of the alveolar ducts. A

5 Pulmonary alveoli. Alveoli pulmonis. Smallest outpocketings, 0.1-0.9 mm. in diameter, the thin walls of which permit the exchange of gases. A

6 THORACIC CAVITY. Cavitas thoracis (thoracica). Internal thoracic space enclosed by the ribs and limited inferiorly by the diaphragm. B C

7 Pleuropulmonary regions. Regiones pleuro-pulmonales. Regions connecting the pleura and lungs.

8 Endothoracic fascia. Fascia endothoracica. Displaceable layer of loose connective tissue between the parietal pleura and chest wall. B

9 Suprapleural membrane. Membrana suprapleuralis [[ Sibson]]. Thickened portion of the endothoracic fascia in the region of the pleural cupola. B

10 Phrenicopleural fascia. Fascia phrenico-pleuralis. Portion of the endothoracic fascia which connects the parietal pleura with the diaphragm. B

11 Pleural cavity. Cavitas pleuralis. Capillary fissure-like space between the parietal and visceral pleura containing a small amount of serous fluid. B C

12 Pleura. Serous membrane consisting of simple squamous epithelium and underlying connective tissue. It comprises two portions (visceral and parietal pleura) which become continuous at the hilum. The visceral (pulmonary) pleura covers the lungs whereas the parietal pleura lines the chest wall, diaphragm and mediastinum. B

13 Cupula (dome) of pleura. Cupula pleurae. It covers the apex of the lung at the superior thoracic aperture and forms the boundary between the neck and thorax. B

14 Visceral (pulmonary) pleura. Pleura viscer-alis (pulmonalis). Portion of the pleura that envelops the lung and passes into the inter-lobar spaces. B C

15 Parietal pleura. Pleura parietalis. Serous lining of the space in which the lungs lodge. B C

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