1 SPLEEN. Splen (lien). Lymphoreticular organ within the circulatory system. Actions: phagocytosis and destruction of red blood cells, lymphopoiesis, blood filtration and synthesis of antibodies. A B

2 Accessory spleen. [Splen accessorius]. Small islands of splenic tissue mostly in the greater omentum or gastrosplenic ligament.

3 Diaphragmatic surface. Facies diaphragmatica. Convex surface facing the diaphragm.

4 Visceral surface. Facies visceralis. Concave surface facing the viscera. A

5 Renal surface. Facies renalis. Lower surface in contact with the kidney. A

6 Gastric surface. Facies gastrica. Upper surface in contact with the stomach. A

7 Colic surface. Facies colica. Surface in contact with the colon. A

8 Posterior end. Extremitas posterior. A

9 Anterior end. Extremitas anterior. A

10 Upper margin. Margo superior. Border between gastric and diaphragmatic surfaces. A

11 Lower margin. Margo inferior. Border between diaphragmatic and renal surfaces. A

12 Hilum of spleen. Hilum spenicum. Entry and exit site of vessels between the gastric and renal surfaces. A

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