1 Anterior thalamic radiations. Raditiones thalamicae anteriores. Fibers of the anterior nucleus passing to and from the cingulate gyrus and likewise reciprocal connections between the lateral nucleus and frontal lobe. The fibers run in the anterior limb of the internal capsule. A

2 Central thalamic radiations. Radiationes thalamicae centrales. Reciprocal fibers passing fan-like through the posterior limb of the internal capsule from the posterior lateral, anterior ventral, lateral ventral and posterior ventral nuclei to the pre- and postcentral gyri in addition to the connecting fields of the cortex. A

3 Posterior thalamic raditaions. Radiationes thalamicae posteriores. They lie in the occipital region of the posterior limb of the internal capsule and contain fibers from the lateral genicu-late body (optic radiation) and the pulvinar for the occipital lobes and adjacent regions. A

4 Dentatothalamic tract. Tractus denta-tothalamicus. It arises from the cerebellum and radiates into the thalamic fasciculus and to the lateral ventral nucleus. C

5 Thalamic fasciculus. Fasciculus thalamicus. It lies below the thalamus, next to and above the zona incerta in field H1 and is composed of the ventricular fasciculus, ansa lenticularis and fibers from the cerebellum. It is a conveyor of impulses for the anterior ventral and lateral ventral nuclei. C

6 Subthalamic fasciculus. Fasciculus subthalami-cus. Fiber bundle extending from the globus pal-lidus to the subthalamic nucleus. C

7 Mamillothalamic fasciculus. Fasciculus mamil-lothalamicus. Fiber tract extending from the mamillary body to the anterior nucleus of the thalamus. D

8 Inferior thalamic peduncle. Pedunculus thalamicus inferior. Fibers between the hypothalamus and thalamus. According to some anatomists, it consists of fibers of the pulvinar from and to the occipital lobes and its vicinity, as well as fibers of the auditory tract.

9 Ansa lenticularis and fasciculus lenticularis. Ansa et fasciculus lenticulares. Two fiber bundles from the lentiform nucleus to the ventral nuclei of the thalamus. One part passes around the anterior margin of the internal capsule (ansa lenticularis); the other part passes through the internal capsule. Both tracts are united in the thalamic fasciculus. C

10 Ansa peduncularis and fasciculus peduncu-laris. Ansa et fasciculus pedunculares. Fiber tract connecting the thalamus and claustrum, thereby extending between the lentiform nucleus and the amygdaloid body. B C

11 Intrathalamic fibers. Fibrae intrathalamicae. Connections of individual thalamic nuclei.

12 Periventricular fibers. Fibrae periventriculares. Fibers coursing beneath the ependyma of the third ventricle between the medial nucleus and the hypothalamic nucleus to enter the posterior longitudinal fasciculus.

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