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Ilioinguinal nerve. N. ilioinguinalis. Nerve arising from L1, possibly also T12. It appears at the lateral margin of the psoas and courses between the kidney and quadratus lumborum, then between the transversus abdominis and internal abdominaloblique(muscularbranches)toenter the inguinal canal. C

Anterior scrotal nerves. Nn. scrotales anteriores. Sensorybranches to the anterior skin ofthe scrotum, mons pubis and adjacent skin of the thigh. C

Anterior labial nerves. Nn. labiales anteriores. Sensory rami to the labium majus, mons pubis and adjacent skin of the thigh. C

Genitofemoral nerve. N.genitofemoralis. Nerve that arises from L1-2, penetrates the psoas major and courses on top of it. C

Genital branch. Ramus genitalis. Branch that courses through the inguinal canal and supplies the cremaster muscle, skin of scrotum (labium majus)and adjacent skin of the thigh. C

Femoral branch. Ramus femoralis. Branch that passes through the vascular lacuna (between femoral artery and iliopectineal arch), then through the saphenous hiatus to supplythe skin located there. C

Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. N. cutaneus femoris lateralis. Nerve that arises from L2-3. It appears at the lateral margin of the psoas and courses beneath the iliac fascia and through the lateral part of the muscular lacuna into the thigh, where it proceeds below or above the sartorius to the lateral skin of the thigh. C

Obturator nerve. N. obturatorius. Nerve that arises from L2-4. It passes beneath the psoas, behind the internal iliac artery and lateral to the ureter, then through the obturator canal to the adductor group and to the medial skin of the thigh. C

Anterior branch. Ramus anterior. Nerve that coursesontopoftheadductorbrevisandobtura-tor externus muscles and beneath the adductor longus and pectineus muscles. It supplies these and the gracilis muscles. C

Cutaneous branch. Ramus cutaneus. Variable terminal branch which appears between the adductor longus and gracilis muscles and supplies the distal 2/3 of the skin of the thigh. C

Posterior branch. Ramus posterior. It pierces the obturator externus and supplies it and the adductor magnus and brevis. Via a sensory branch it extends as far as the posterior wall of the knee joint. C

Muscular branches. Rami musculares. Branches supplying the previously named muscles. C

Accessory obturator nerve. N. obturatorius ac-cessorius. It frequently arises as an additional obturator nerve from L3-4 to supply the pec-tineus and hip joint.

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