1 PORTAL VEIN OF LIVER. Vena portae hepatis. It brings blood from the intestinal tract to the liver. Forms important anastomoses to esophageal veins, rectal venous plexus and the superficial veins of the abdominal skin. A

2 Right branch. Ramus dexter. Strong shorter right branch of portal vein. It forms bifurcations in the right lobe of the liver that extend as far as the interlobular veins. A

3 Anterior branch. Ramus anterior. It supplies the anterior part of the right lobe. A

4 Posterior branch. Ramus posterior. It supplies the posterior part of the right lobe. A

5 Left branch. Ramus sinister. Longer and somewhat more slender branch supplying the left lobe as well as the caudate and quadrate lobes. A

6 Transverse part. Pars transversa. Initial segment of left branch coursing transversely into liver hilum. A

7 Caudate branches. Rami caudati. Twigs to caudate lobe. A

8 Umbilical part. Pars umbilicus. Sagittal continuation of the left branch into the left lobe. A

9 [Ductus venosus]. Embryonic vein uniting umbilical vein and inferior vena cava. Bypasses

I the liver. B

10 Ligamentum venosum. Lig. venosum. Connective tissue vestige of the ductus venosus in the groove for the ligamentum venosum. B

11 Lateral branches. Rami laterales. Branches to the quadrate lobe and part of the caudate lobe.

12 Left umbilical vein. V. umbilicalis sinistra. Embryonic vein joining the portal vein in the liver. It carries cord blood to the right atrium partly via the ductus venosus and inferior vena cava. B

13 Round ligament of liver. Lig. teres hepatis. Connective tissue remains of left umbilical vein. A

14 Medial branches. Rr. mediales. Branches of the umbilical part extending to anterior portion of left lobe of liver. A

15 Cystic vein. V. cystica. Vein from gallbladder emptying into right branch of portal vein. A

16 Paraumbilical veins. Vv. paraumbilicales. Small veins around the round ligament. They form anastomoses between the left branch of the portal vein and subcutaneous abdominal veins. A

17 Left gastric vein. V. gastrica sinistra. Companion vein of left gastric artery. A

18 Right gastric vein. V. gastrica dextra. Companion vein of right gastric artery. A

19 Prepyloric vein. V. praepylorica. Branch from the anterior part of pylorus to the right gastric vein or portal vein. A

20 Superior mesenteric vein. V. mesenterica superior. Its drainage area extends from the distal half of the duodenum to the left colic flexure. It joins the splenic vein to form the portal vein. A

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