16 Anterior meningeal branch. Ramus meningeus anterior. Branch from the part of the anterior ethmoidal artery lying in the cranial fossa. It supplies the dura. A

16a Anterior septal branches. Rami septales anteriores. Branches that extend from the anterior eth-moidal artery to the upper portion of the nasal septum.

16b Lateral anterior nasal branches. Rami nasales anteriores lateralis. Branches of the anterior eth-moidal artery that extend to the upper lateral wall of the nasal septum and the anterior upper ethmoidal air cells. See p. 201 B Medial palpebral arteries. Aa. palpebrales mediales. Paired arteries for each eyelid, upper and lower. They arise from the ophthalmic artery and anastomose with the lateral palpebral artery via the superior and inferior palpebral arches. A B Superior palpebral arch. Arcus palpebralis superior. Connects the medial and lateral palpebral arteries superiorly on the tarsal plate. B Inferior palpebral arch. Arcus palpebralis inferior. Connects the medial and lateral palpebral arteries inferiorly on the tarsal plate. B Supratrochlear artery. A. supratrochlearis [[a. frontalis med.]]. Terminal branch of the ophthalmic artery which passes through the frontal notch to the forehead. Anastomoses with the contralateral, supraorbital and superficial temporal arteries. A B

Dorsal nasal artery. A. dorsalis nasi (a. nasi externa). It penetrates the orbicularis oculi and passes downward to the bridge of the nose. Anastomoses with the facial artery. A B Anterior choroidal artery [[AChA]]. Arteria choroidea anterior. Usually arises from the internal carotid artery. It follows the optic tract and enters the choroid plexus of the inferior horn of the lateral ventricle, where it occasionally passes up to the interventricular foramen. C D Choroidal branches of lateral ventricle. Rami choroidei ventriculi lateralis. Branches that supply the choroid plexus of the lateral ventricle. C D

Choroidal branches to third ventricle. Rami choroidei ventriculi tertii. Branches that supply the choroid plexus of the third ventricle. C

Branches to anterior perforated substance.

Rami substantiae perforatae anterioris. AChA branches that supply internal capsule. D Branches of optic tract. Rami tractus optici. Branches to the AchA that supply the optic tract. D

Branches to lateral geniculate body. Rami cor-poris geniculati lateralis. AChA branches that supply the lateral genticulate body. D Branches to internal capsule. Rami capsulae in-ternae. AChA branches that supply the posterior part of the internal capsule. Branches to globus pallidus. Rami globi pallidi. AChA branches that supply the globus pallidus. Branches to tail of caudate nucleus. Rami caudae nuclei caudati. AChAbranches that supply the tail of the caudate nucleus. Branches to tuber cinereum. Rami tuberis cin-

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