17 \RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. Apparatus respira-torius (systema respiratorium).

18 EXTERNAL NOSE. Nasus externus. E

19 Root of nose. Radix nasi (nasalis). Upper portion ofthe nose which lies between the two orbits. D E

20 Dorsum (bridge) of nose. Dorsum nasi. E

21 Tip of nose. Apex nasi. E

22 Alae (wings) of nose. Alae nasi. Winglike structures forming the lateral borders of the nares. E

23 Nasal cartilages. Cartilagines nasi (nasalis). Pieces of cartilage which form the non-osseous supporting skeleton of the nose. C

24 Lateral nasal cartilage. [Cartilago nasi later-alis]. No longer classified as independent left and right plates of cartilage, but as part of the nasal septum with which each is partially fused. C

25 Greater alar cartilage. Cartilago alaris major. Hook-shaped cartilage surrounding the nares and forming the tip of the nose. C

26 Medial crus. Crus mediale. The part of the greater alar cartilage that forms the anterior and lower part of the nasal septum. C D

27 Lateral crus. Crus laterale. The part of the greater alar cartilage that curves laterally around the nares. C

28 Lesser alar cartilages. Cartilagines alares minores. Single, small plates of cartilage which supplement the greater alar cartilage. C

29 Accessory nasal cartilages. Cartilagines nasales accessoriae. Small pieces of cartilage occasionally present between the cartilaginous nasal septum and greater alar cartilage that supplement the cartilaginous nasal skeleton.

30 Cartilaginous nasal septum. Cartilago septi nasi. Large independent piece of cartilage in the wall of the nasal septum between the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid and the vomer. D

30a Lateral process. Processus lateralis. Dorsolateral cartilaginous ridge of the nasal septum fused above with the lateral nasal cartilage. D

31 Posterior process. Processus posterior (sphe-noidalis). Variably long process between the vomer and the perpendicular plate; it can extend as far as the sphenoid. D

32 Vomeronasal cartilage. Cartilago vomer-onasalis [[Jacobson's cartilage]]. Narrow strip of cartilage on the lower end of the nasal septum between the cartilaginous nasal septum and the vomer. D

33 Mobile part of nasal septum. [[Pars mobilis septi nasi]]. Anterioinferior, very mobile part of the nasal septum which contains the medial crus of the greater alar cartilage.

^ Gallbladder, cystic and bile ducts and pancreatic duct

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