1 Intersigmoid recess. Recessus intersig- 18 moideus. Peritoneal recess left of and below the root of the sigmoid mesocolon. A

2 Superior ileocecal recess. Recessus ileocaecalis superior. Peritoneal recess above the opening 19 of the ileum into the cecum. A

3 Vascular cecal fold. Plica caecalis vascularis. Peritoneal fold in front of the superior ileocecal 20 recess; it contains a branch of the ileocolic artery. A

4 Inferior ileocecal recess. Recessus ileocaecalis inferior. Peritoneal recess below the opening of 21 the ileum into the cecum. A

5 Ileocecal fold. Plica ileocaecalis. Peritoneal fold in front of inferior ileocecal recess that extends 22 inferiorly up to the appendix. A

6 Retrocecal recess. Recessus retrocaecalis. Peri- 23 toneal fold often present on the right side of the body behind the cecum or ascending colon. A

7 Cecal folds. Plicae caecales. Peritoneal folds outside the cecum. They correspond to the semilunar folds in the colon. A 24

8 Paracolic sulci. Sulci paracolici. Occasional pockets left of the descending colon. A

9 Subphrenic recess. Recessus subphrenici. Peri- 25 toneal recess between the diaphragm and both 25 lobes of the liver, right and left of the falciform ligament; it is bounded posterosuperiorly by 26 the coronary ligament. C 27

10 Subhepatic recess. Recessus subhepatici. 28 Recess between the liver and transverse colon or adjoining viscera. C

11 Hepatorenal recess. Recessus hepatorenalis. Portion of the subhepatic recess bounded by 29 the kidney and suprarenal gland. C

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