1 External jugular vein. V. jugularis externa. Arises from the union of the occipital and posterior auricular veins and courses between the platysma and superficial layer of the cervical fascia before emptying usually into the sub-clavian vein. A

2 Occipital vein. [[V. occipitalis]]. Accompanying vein of the occipital artery. A

3 Posterior auricular vein. V. auricularis posterior. Superficial vein located behind the ear. A

4 Anterior jugular vein. V. jugularis anterior. Begins at the level of the hyoid bone, crosses beneath the sternocleidomastoid and often opens into the external jugular vein. A

5 Jugular venous arch. Arcus venosus jugularis. Union of right and left anterior jugular veins in the suprasternal space. A

6 Suprascapular vein. V. suprascapularis. Generally two veins accompanying the subcapsular artery. A

7 Transverse cervical veins. Vv. transversae cervicis. Accompany the transverse cervical artery. A

8 Dural sinuses. Sinus durae matris. Incompressible venous conduits within the dura. They receive blood from the brain and meninges and drain into the internal jugular vein. B C

9 Transverse sinus. Sinus transversus. Dural sinus beginning at the confluence of the sinuses and continuous laterallywith the sigmoid sinus. B C

10 Confluence of sinuses. Confluens sinum. Site of union ofsuperior sagittal, straight, occipital and transverse sinuses at the internal occipital protuberance. B C

10 a Marginal sinus. Sinus marginalis. Located at the entrance of the foramen magnum; it unites the venous plexus of the interior of the skull with that ofthe vertebral canal. B

11 Occipital sinus. Sinus occipitalis. Dural sinus beginning with a venous plexus at the foramen magnum and passing within the root of the falx cerebelli to the confluence of the sinuses. B C

12 Basilar plexus. Plexus basilaris. Venous plexus on the clivus with connections to the cavernous and petrosal sinuses as well as to the venous plexuses ofthe vertebral canal. B

13 Sigmoid sinus. Sinus sigmoideus. It is continuous with the transverse sinus anteriorly and takes an S-shaped turn medially to enter the jugular foramen. B C

14 Superior sagittal sinus. Sinus sagittalis superior. It lies within the root of the falx cerebri and extends from the crista galli to the confluence of the sinuses. B C

15 Lateral lacunae. Lacunae laterales. Small pits on either side of the superior sagittal sinus. C

16 Inferior sagittal sinus. Sinus sagittalis inferior. Samll dural sinus at the free margin of the falx cebri. It terminates in the straight sinus. C

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