1 Ciliary veins. Vv. ciliares. Veins from the ciliary body which drain either into the veins of the occular muscles or into the choroidal veins. A

2 Anterior ciliary veins. Vv. ciliares anteriores. Companion veins of the corresponding arteries. They transport blood from the ciliary body to the veins of the ocular muscles at their attachments. A

2a [Sinus venosus sclerae]. Seep.354.30

3 Scleral veins. Vv. sclerales. Thin veins coursing mainly in the anterior sclera. Central vein of retina. V. centralis retinae. Companion vein of central artery of retina. It drains either into the superior ophthalmic vein or directly into the cavernous sinus. A Episcleral veins. Vv. episclerales. Branches located on the sclera and opening into the superior ophthalmic veins. A

Palpebral veins. Vv. palpebrales. Branches coming from the upper eyelids. A

7 Conjunctival veins. Vv. conjunctivales. A

8 Inferior ophthalmic vein. V. ophthalmica inferior. Arises from the lower eyelid and the lacrimal gland, then unites with the superior ophthalmic vein or passes directly into the cavernous sinus and the pterygoid plexus. A

8 a VEINS OF UPPER LIMBS. Venae membri superioris.

9 Subclavian vein. V. subclavia. It lies between the scalenus anterior and sternocleidomastoid muscles and extends from the internal jugular vein to the lateral margin of the first rib. B

10 Pectoral veins. Vv. pectorales. Veins passing from the area of the pectoral muscles directly into the subclavian vein. B

11 Dorsal scapular vein. V. scapularis dorsalis. Accompanying vein of the dorsal scapular artery. It frequently opens into the external jugular vein. B

12 Thoracoacromial vein. [V. thoracoacromialis]. Companion vein of the thoracoacromial artery that occasionally opens into the subclavian vein. B

13 Axillary vein. V. axillaris. Continuation of the sub-clavian vein extending from the lateral margin of the first rib to the lower margin of the tendon of the teres major. B D

13 a Subscapular, circumflex scapular, thoracodor sal, posterior circumflex scapular, anterior circumflex scapular veins. Vv. subscapularis, cir-cumflexa scapulae, thoracodorsalis, circumflexa posterior humeralis, circumflexa anterior humer-alis. Newly named companion veins of the corresponding arteries.

14 Lateral thoracic vein. V. thoracica lateralis. Companion vein of lateral thoracic artery located on the serratus anterior muscle. B

15 Thoracoepigastric veins. Vv. thoracoepigastricae. Subcutaneous veins from the wall of the lateral trunk. They are collaterals that connect the superior and inferior venae cavae. B

16 Areolar venous plexus. Plexus venosus areolaris. Venous plexus around the nipple (areola). B

16 a Superficial veins of upper limbs. Venae superficiales membri superioris.

16 b Deep veins of upper limbs. Venae profundae membri superioris.

7 Brachial veins. Vv. brachiales. Companion veins of the brachial artery. B

8 Ulnar veins. Vv. ulnares. Companion veins of the ulnar artery. B

9 Radial veins. Vv. radiales. Companion veins of the radial artery. B

9a Anterior interosseous veins. Vv. interosseae anteriores. Two companion veins, one for each anterior interosseous artery.

9b Posterior interosseous veins. Vv. interosseae posteriores. Two companion veins, one for each posterior interosseous artery

20 Cephalic vein. V. cephalica. Epifascial vein beginning at the root of the thumb. It runs in the lateral bicipital groove and passes between the deltoid and pectoralis major muscles [[deltoideopectoral trigone]] to enter the axillary vein. C D

21 Thoracoacromial vein. V. thoracoacromialis. Accompanying vein of the thoraco-acromial artery. It drains into the axillary vein. B D

22 Accessory cephalic vein. [V. cephalica acces-soria]. It runs from the extensor side of the forearm to the cephalic vein.

23 Basilic vein. V. basilica. Epifascial vein beginning above the distal ulna. It penetrates the brachial fascia in the middle of the medial bicipital groove and opens into the brachial vein. B D

24 Median cubital vein. V. mediana cubiti. Connecting branch that arises from the cephalic vein and passes obliquely upward from inferolateral to su-peromedial to join the basilic vein.

25 Median antebrachial vein. V. mediana antebra-chii. Epifascial vein occasionally present between the cephalic and basilic veins. D

26 Median cephalic vein. V. mediana cephalica. Branch or trunk connecting the median ante-brachial vein to the cephalic vein. D

27 Median basilic vein. V. mediana basilica. Branch or trunk connecting the median antebrachial vein to the basilic vein. D

28 Dorsal venous plexus of hand. Rete venosum dorsale manus. Subcutaneous venous network on the dorsum of hand. C

29 Intercapitular veins. Vv. intercapitulares. Pass between the heads of the metatarsal bones and connect the dorsal and palmar veins of the hand. C D

30 Superficial palmar venous arch. Arcus venosus palmaris superficialis. Companion vein of the arterial superficial palmar arch. D

31 Palmar digital veins. Vv. digitales palmares. Veins on the flexor side of the fingers. D

32 Deep palmar venous arch. Arcus venosus palmaris profundus. Companion veins of the arterial deep palmar arch. B D

33 Dorsal metacarpal veins. Vv. metacarpales dorsales. Three veins coming from the four ulnar fingers; they open into the dorsal venous plexus of the hand. C

34 Palmar metacarpal veins. Vv. metacarpales palmares. Companion veins of the metacarpal arteries; they open into the deep palmar venous arch. B D

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