Meridians. Meridiani. Semicircles oriented at right angles to the equator between the anterior and posterior poles. D.

External axis of eyeball. Axis bulbi externus. Line connecting anterior and posterior poles. C Internal axis of eyeball. Axis bulbi internus. Distance from posterior surface ofcornea to the inner surface of retina measured along an imaginary line (external axis of eyeball) through the anterior and posterior poles. C Optic axis. Axis opticus. Line passing through the midline of the cornea and lens and bisecting the retina between the fovea centralis and optic disc. C

FIBROUS TUNIC OF EYEBALL. Tunica fibrosa bulbi. External wall of eyeball comprising the cornea and sclera. C

Sclera. The bluish-white outer coat of the eyeball, which consists of irregulatory arranged collagenous fibers visible through the conjunctiva. ABC

Scleral sulcus. Sulcus sclerae. Shallow groove between the cornea and sclera caused by the greater curvature of the cornea. B C D Corneoscleral junction. Limbus. The concave border of the sclera adjacent to the cornea. B Trabecular meshwork (pectinate ligament). Reticulum trabeculare (lig. pectinatum) [[spongium iridocorneale]]. Connective tissue framework at the iridocorneal (filtration) angle. Corneoscleral part. Pars corneoscleralis. Part of the meshwork attached to the sclera. B Uveal part. Pars uvealis. Part of the trabecular meshwork attached to the iris. B Canal of Schlemm. Sinus venosus sclerae. Circular vessel occupying the interior aspect of the trabecular meshwork. It can be interrupted or doubled and is involved in the discharge of aqueous humor from the anterior chamber. B Episclera. Lamina episcleralis. Delicate dis-placeable connective tissue between the outer surface of the sclera and [[Tenon's capsule]] (bulbar fascia).

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