Sensory root of facial nerve. N. intermedius. It arises from the brainstem independently between the facial and vestibular nerves and transports autonomic and taste fibers. After anastomosing with various vessels, it ultimately unites with the facial nerve in the petrous part of the temporal bone. D

Geniculate (facial) ganglion. Ganglion geniculi (geniculatum). Equivalent to a spinal ganglion with pseudo-unipolar ganglion cells. It is located in the petrous part of the temporal bone at the bend of the facial nerve. It receives taste fibers from the chorda tympani. A Chorda tympani. Nerve bundle with parasympa-thetic fibers for the submandibular gland and sensory fibers from the taste buds occupying the anterior two-thirds of the tongue. It returns to the tympanic cavity where it passes between the malleus and incus, then goes through the petrotym-panic fissure [[Glaser] or sphenopetrosal fissure to subsequently join the lingual nerve. A Pterygopalatine ganglion. Ganglion pterygo-palatinum. Parasympathetic ganglion located in its respective fossa near the sphenopalatine foramen. It receives preganglionic fibers from the facial nerve via the greater petrosal nerve and sends postganglionic secretory fibers to the lacrimal and nasal glands. C

Nerve of pterygoid canal. N. canalis pterygoidei [Radix facialis]. Located in the pterygoid canal at the root of the pterygoid process. It contains para-sympathetic (facial nerve), sympathetic and sensory fibers destined for the pterygopalatine ganglion. C

Greater petrosal nerve. N. petrosus major. Branch of facialnerveemergingfromtheanteriorwallofthe petrous part of the temporal bone. It incorporates parasympathetic and sensory fibers, and penetrates the covering plate of the foramen lacerum lateral to the internal carotid artery where it is joined by the deep petrosal nerve. AC Deep petrosal nerve. N. petrosus profundus. Nerve carrying sympathetic fibers from the internal carotid plexus; it joins the greater petrosal nerve to form the nerve of the pterygoid canal. C Submandibular ganglion. Ganglion subman-dibulare. Located above or in front of the submandibular gland. This parasympathetic ganglion is the synaptic site between preganglionic fibers from the chorda tympani and postganglionic fibers to the sublingual and submandibular glands. C

Sympathetic branch (to the submandibular ganglion). Ramus sympatheticus (ad ganglion submandibulare). Branch from the internal carotid plexus. Its fibers arrive at the submandibu-lar ganglion above the facial artery and pass through the ganglion without synapsing. C Glandular branches. Rami glandulares. Small rami at the inferior margin of the submandibular ganglion that supply the submandibular gland. C Sublingual ganglion. [Ganglion sublinguale]. Small group of cells occasionally present on the glandular rami. C

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