1 FOREBRAIN. Prosencephalon. Terminal portion of neural tube situated anterior to the anterior margin of the mesencephalon. It comprises the telencephalon and diencephalon.

2 DIENCEPHALON. The part of the prosencephalon that extends from the anterior margin of the anterior colliculus to the interventricular foramen.

3 Epithalamus. It consists mainly of the habenulae, their accessories and the epiphysis.

4 Habenula. Dorsal continuation of the stria medullaris of the thalamus. A B

5 Habenular sulcus. Sulcus habenuale (habenu-laris). Shallow furrow between the habenular trigone and the pulvinar. A

6 Trigone of habenula. Trigonum habenulae (t. habenulare). Triangular field between the stria medullaris of the thalamus and the habenula. The habenular nuclei lie beneath it. A

7 Commissure of habenula. Commissura habenu-larum (habenularis). Fibers of the habenulae crossing over the midline. The decussation lies superior to the pineal recess. B

8 Posterior (epithalamic) commissure. Commis-sura epithalamica (posterior). Commissure located between the pineal recess and entrance into the cerebral aqueduct; its fibers cross from a nearby area. B

9 Pineal gland (body), epiphysis. Corpus pineale (glandula pinealis). Topographically speaking, it lies free on the quadrigeminal plate and is suspended from the habenula withouth a functional connection. A B C

10 Sections of epithalamus. Sectiones epithalamici.

11 Medial and lateral habenular nuclei. Nuclei habenulares medialis et lateralis. Cell groups contained in the reflex tract of the rhinen-cephalon. D

12 Habenulointerpeduncular tract. Tractus habenulointerpeduncularis. Connection between habenulae and interpeduncular nucleus. D

13 Commissure of habenula. Commissura habenu-larum (habenularis). See p. 7 A B

14 Pretectal area. Area pretectalis. Region extending from in front of the upper margin of superior colliculus as far as the commissure of the epithalamus. C

15 Pretectal nuclei. Nuclei pretectales. From their origin dorsolateral to the commissure of the epithalamus, they extend as far as the superior colliculus. They receive fibers from the occipital lobe and the area in front of it, as well as the optic tract and send fibers to the accessory nucleus of the oculomotor nerve for the sphincter pupillae muscle.

16 Posterior (epithalamic) commissure. Commis-sura epithalamica (posterior). See p. 8 B

17 Pineal gland (body). Corpus pineale (glandula pinealis). See p. 9 A B C

18 Subfornical organ. Organum subfornicale. Organ in the interventricular foramen between right and left fornix. It influences blood pressure and water excretion. B

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