1 Infraorbital nerve. N. infraorbitalis. Terminal branch of maxillary nerve. It passes through the inferior orbital fissure and corresponding sul-cus and foramen to the skin of the upper eyelid, nose, upper lip and cheek. C

2 Superior alveolar nerves. Nn. alveolares superiores. Branches to the maxillary teeth.

3 Posterior superior alveolar branches. Rami alveolares superiores posteriores. Two to three branches passing through the alveolar foramina to the inner surface of the maxilla. They supply the maxillary sinus and the molars including their buccal gingiva. C

4 Middle superior alveolar branch. R. alve-olaris superior medius. It courses through the infraorbital sulcus to the maxilla and passes along the lateral wall of the maxillary sinus up to the superior dental plexus. C

5 Anterior superior alveolar branches. Rami alveolares superiores anteriores. They run in their respective canals and via the superior dental plexus to the incisors, canines, pre-molars and first molar tooth. C

6 Superior dental plexus. Plexus dentalis superior. Nerve plexus in the bone above the roots of the teeth formed by the superior alveolar rami. C

7 Superior dental branches. Rami dentales superiores. Branches to the individual roots of the teeth. C

8 Superior gingival branches. Rami gingivales superiores. Rami to the gingiva. C

9 Inferior palpebral branches. Rami palpe-brales inferiores. Rami given off to the lower eyelid outside of the infraorbital foramen. C

10 External nasal branches. Rami nasales ex-terni. Branches to the outside of the nasal ala. C

11 Internal nasal branches. Rami nasales interni. Branches to the skin of the nasal vestibule. C

12 Superior labial branches. Rami labiales superiores. Rami to the skin and mucosa of the upper lip. C

13 Mandibular nerve. N. mandibularis. Third division (branch) of the trigeminal nerve. It passes through the foramen ovale and into the infratemporal fossa. Besides sensory fibers, it contains motor fibers for the masticatory muscles. A

14 Meningeal branch (nervus spinosus). Ramus meningeus (n. spinosus). It passes through the foramen spinosum accompanied by both branches of the middle meningeal artery and supplies the dura, a part of the sphenoidal sinus and the mastoid air cells. A

15 Masseteric nerve. N. massetericus. Motor nerve for the masseter muscle passing above the lateral pterygoid muscle and through the mandibular notch. A

16 Deep temporal nerves. Nn. temporales pro-fundi. Motor nerves passing to the temporalis muscle from below. A

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