14 Lens fibers. Fibrae lentis. Fibers corresponding to the lens epithelium fromwhich theydevelop. They form the lens substance measuring 2.512 ^m thick and up to 10 mm long. C Epithelium of lens. Epithelium lentis. Part of the lens confined to the anterior surface and extending as far as the equator. It is derived embryologically from the anterior epithelium of the lens vesicle. C

Lens capsule. Capsula lentis. Transparent membrane, up to 15 ^m thick, covering the lens including its epithelium. Its anterior pole is thicker than the posterior pole. It gives attachment to the suspensory ligaments. C Anterior pole. Polus anterior. D Posterior pole. Polus posterior. D Anterior surface. Facies anterior. Less curved lens surface with a radius of 8.3-10 mm. C Posterior surface. Facies posterior. More curved lens surface with a radius of about 6.5 mm. C

Axis. Line connecting anterior and posterior poles. D

Equator. Margin of lens. D Radii of lens. Suture line of the individual lens fibers. In the young it resembles a triradiate seam. D

Ciliary zonule. Zonula ciliaris. Suspensory apparatus together with its interstices. It encircles the lens equator and consists of a radially oriented system of fibers of variable length and the folds situated between them. C Zonular fibers (suspensory ligaments). Fi-brae zonulares. Suspensory fibers attached to the equator and the adjacent anterior and posterior surfaces of the lens. They arise distally fromthe basal lamina of the ciliary body and the pars ciliaris retinae. C

Zonular spaces. Spatia zonularia. Spaces between the zonule fibers filled with percolating aqueous humor. C

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