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1 PANCREAS. Organ 13-15 cm in length that lies partly in the duodenal loop, partly behind the omental bursa at the level of L1-2. A B

2 Head of pancreas. Caput pancreatis. It is nestled within the loop of the duodenum. A

3 Uncinate process. Processus uncinatus. Hook-shaped process passing behind the superior mesenteric vessels. A B

4 Pancreatic notch. Incisura pancreatis. Groove between the uncinate process and the remaining part of the head of the pancreas. A B

5 Body of pancreas. Corpus pancreatis. Part of the pancreas lying mainly in front of the vertebral column. It arises from the dorsal anlage of the pancreas. A B

6 Anterior surface. Facies anterior. Anterosupe-riorly directed anterior (front) surface of the pancreas. A

7 Posterior surface. Facies posterior. Posteriorly directed dorsal (back) surface of the pancreas. B

8 Inferior surface. Facies inferior. Anteroinferi-orly directed inferior surface of the pancreas. It is bounded above by the root of the transverse mesocolon. A

9 Superior margin. Margo superior. Superior margin of the pancreas located between the anterior and posterior surfaces. AB

10 Anterior margin. Margo anterior. Anterior margin of the pancreas, which corresponds to the line of attachment of the transverse meso-colon (p. 178.5). It also forms the lower boundary of the omental bursa at the posterior abdominal wall. A

11 inferior margin. Margo inferioris. Inferior margin of the pancreas situated between the lower anterior and posterior surfaces. A

12 Tuber omentale. Prominence on the body of pancreas near the head. It projects into the omental bursa and is caused by the vertebral column. A B

13 Tail of pancreas. Cauda pancreatis. Upper left tail of the pancreas that lies in contact with the spleen. A B

14 Capsule of pancreas. Capsula pancreatis.

15 Exocrine pancreas. Pars exocrina pancreatis. The bulkofthe pancreas where pancreaticjuice is produced.

16 Pancreatic lobule. Lobulus pancreaticus. The macroscopicallyvisiblelobuleofthepancreas.A

17 Pancreatic duct. Ductus pancreaticus. Main excretory duct of the pancreas opening on the greater duodenal papilla together with the bile duct. B

18 Sphincter muscle of pancreatic duct. M.

sphincter ductus pancreatici. Circular muscle before the duct opening. See p.135 A

19 Accessory pancreatic duct. Ductus pancreati-cus accessorius. Additional excretory duct usually found draining into the minor duodenal papilla (p. 124.13) above the major duodenal papilla. B

20 Accessory pancreas. (Pancreas accessorium). Pancreatic tissue dispersed within the wall of the stomach or duodenum.

21 Endocrine pancreas. Pars endocrina pancreatis. Part of the pancreas consisting of about 1 million Langerhans' islets, which produce glucagon and insulin.

22 LIVER. Hepar. It is divided into segments on the basis of the branchings of its blood vessels and biliary ducts. The individual segments are not represented uniformly in the literature. The International Nomenclature Committee has adopted Hjortsjo's classification. C

23 Diaphragmatic surface. Facies diaphragmatica. Surface of liver facing the diaphragm. C

24 Superior part. Pars superior. The cranially directed superior portion of the diaphragmatic liver surface. C

25 Cardiac impression. Impressio cardiaca. Flat impression made by the heart on the left side of the liver in front of the inferior vena cava. C

26 Anterior part. Pars anterior. The anteriorly directed portion of the diaphragmatic liver surface. C

27 Right part. Parsdextra.Portionofthediaphrag-matic surface directed toward the right side of the body. C

28 Posterior part. Pars posterior. The posteriorly directed portion of the diaphragmatic surface. C

29 Bare area. Area nuda. [[Pars affixa]]. Bare portion of the diaphragmatic surface not covered by peritoneum. C

30 Groove for vena cava. Sulcus venae cavae. Deep groove for reception of the inferior vena cava. C

31 Fissure for lig. venosum. Fissura ligamenti venosi. Groove for the venous ligament extending from the liver hilum to the inferior vena cava between the caudate lobe and left lobe. C

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