1 INTERNAL ILIAC [[HYPOGASTRIC]] VEIN. V. iliaca interna [[v. hypogastrica]]. Short trunk receiving veins from the pelvic viscera and perineum. AC

2 Superior gluteal veins. Vv. glutaeales5 superiores. Companion veins of superior gluteal artery passing through the upper division of the greater sciatic foramen [[suprapiriform foramen]] to the pelvis. They converge to form a trunk which opens into the internal iliac vein. A

3 Inferior gluteal veins. Vv. glutaeales5 inferiores. Companion veins of inferior gluteal artery passing through the lower division of the greater sciatic foramen [[infrapiriform foramen]] into the pelvis. They unite to forma trunk and open into the internal iliac vein. A C

4 Obturator veins. Vv. obturatoriae. They enter the pelvis via the obturator foramen and usually open into both the internal iliac and common iliac veins. A

5 Lateral sacral veins. Vv. sacrales laterales. Lateral branches from the sacral venous plexus. A

6 Sacral venous plexus. Plexus venosus sacralis. Venous network lying in front of the sacrum. A

7 Rectal venous (hemorrhoidal) plexus. Plexus venosus rectalis [[plexus haemorrhoidalis]]. Plexus surrounding the rectum. A

8 Vesical veins. Vv. vesicales. Veins from the vesical venous plexus. A

9 Vesical venous plexus. Plexus venosus vesi-calis. Extends from the base of the bladder to communicate with the prostatic or vaginal venous plexus. A C

10 Prostatic venous plexus. Plexus venosus pros-taticus. It surrounds the prostate and unites with the neighboring vesical venous plexus. C

11 Deep dorsal vein of penis. V. dorsalis profunda penis. Subfascial vein of the dorsum of the penis that passes below the symphysis between the arcuate ligament of the pubis and the transverse perineal ligament to enter the prostatic venous plexus. It lies between the deep fascia of the penis and the tunica albuginea and is usually not paired. C. See also p. 165 B

12 Deep dorsal vein of clitoris. V. dorsalis profunda clitoridis. Subfascial vein of dursum of clitoris opening into vesical venous plexus. B

13 Uterine veins. Vv. uterinae. Connecting veins that join the uterine venous plexus and internal iliac vein. A

14 Uterine venous plexus. Plexus venosus uter-inus. Venous network primarily at the root of the broad ligament. It communicates with the vaginal venous plexus. A

15 Vaginal venous plexus. Plexus venosus vaginalis. Venous network around the vagina with numerous connections to the surrounding venous plexus. A

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