1 Dorsal mesentery. [[Mesenterium dorsale commune]]. Embryologically original, common, dorsal suspensory ligament of the still undifferentiated intestinal tube.

2 Mesentery. Mesenterium. Dorsal peritoneal fold for the fixation of the intraperitoneal small intestine. It transports blood vessels and nerves. B

3 Root of mesentery. Radix mesenterii. Line of attachment that extends from the posterior wall of the abdominal cavity near the second lumbar vertebra to the right iliac fossa. A

4 Mesocolon. Peritoneal fold bearing vessels and nerves; it attaches and supplies the colon.

5 Transverse mesocolon. Mesocolon transver-sum. Suspensory ligament of the transverse colon. A B

6 Mesocolon of ascending colon. Mesocolon ascendens. It fuses with the posterior abdominal wall in the 4th embryonic month.

7 Mesocolon of descending colon. Mesocolon descendens. It fuses with the posterior abdominal wall in the 4th embryonic month.

8 Sigmoid mesocolon. Mesocolon sigmoideum. Suspensory ligament of sigmoid colon. B

9 Mes-oappendix [[mesenteriolum]]. Suspensory ligament of vermiform appendix. B

10 Lesser omentum. Omentum minus. Peritoneal sheet extending mainly between the stomach and liver.

11 Hepatogastric ligament. Lig. hepatogastricum. Part of the lesser omentum between the stomach and liver. B

12 Hepatoduodenal ligament. Lig. hepa-toduodenale. Part of lesser omentum between the duodenum and liver. It contains the hepatic artery proper, bile duct and the portal vein. B

13 Hepatocolic ligament. [Lig. hepatocolicum]. Inconstant continuation of the hepatoduodenal ligament toward the right at the right colic flexure or near the transverse colon. B

14 Greater omentum. Omentum majus. Doubled peritoneal apron hanging down from the stomach and transverse colon; it contains variable amounts of fat. B

15 Gastrophrenic ligament. Lig. gastrophrenicum. Upper continuation of the phrenicosplenic and gastrosplenic ligaments between the stomach and diaphragm. A B

16 Gastrosplenic (gastrolienal) ligament. Lig. gastrosplenicum (gastrolienale). Peritoneal connection from the lesser curvature of the stomach to the hilum of the spleen. B

17 Gastrocolic ligament. Lig. gastrocolicum. Peritoneal connection between the lesser curvature of the stomach and the omental tenia of the transverse colon. It is attached to the gastros-plenic ligament. B

18 Phrenicocolic ligament. Lig. phrenicocolicum. Peritoneal fold on the left side of the body, between the diaphragm and the descending colon. B

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