1 Internal iliac lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici ili-aci interni. Located along the internal iliac artery; they drain the pelvic organs, the deep perineal region and both the external and internal walls of the pelvis. Their efferents communicate with the common iliac lymph nodes.

2 Superior gluteal lymph nodes. Nodi lymphat-ici gluteales superiores. Nodes for the pelvic wall located at the superior gluteal artery. A

3 Inferior gluteal lymph nodes. Nodi lymphat-ici gluteales inferiores. Nodes for the prostate and proximal urethra are situated along the inferior gluteal artery. A

4 Sacral lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici sacrales. Nodes for the prostate and cervix found along the sacrum. A

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