1 Third ventricle. Ventriculus tertius. Dien-cephalic portion of the cerebral ventricular system. It extends from the lamina terminalis to the beginning of the cerebral aqueduct. A C

2 Hypothalamic sulcus. Sulcus hypothalamicus. Furrow extending from the interventricular foramen to the entrance into the cerebral aqueduct. It separates the dorsal and ventral thalami. A

3 Interventricular foramen. Foramen inter-ventriculare. Opening between the lateral ventricle and third ventricle behind the genu of the fornix. A

4 Optic recess. Recessus opticus. Recess of third ventricle above the optic chiasm. A

5 Recess of infundibulum. Recessus infundibuli (infundibularis). Recess of third ventricle within the infundibulum. A

6 Pineal recess. Recessus pinealis. Recess of third ventricle extending partially into the epiphysis. A

7 Supraspinal recess. Recessus supraspinalis. Recess between the roof of the third ventricle and the epiphysis. A

8 Tela choroidea. Forms the thin, narrow roof of third ventricle and its choroid plexus. B C

9 Tenia of thalamus. Taenia thalami. Lateral attachment line of the upper wall of the third ventricle along the stria medullaris of the thalamus. B C

10 Choroid plexus. Plexus choroideus. Paired, highly vascularized villous infolding which hangs down from the thin roofofthe third ventricle and is continuous anteriorly with the choroid plexus of the 4th ventricle via the inter-ventricular foramen. B C

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