1 Radial artery. Aradialis. It begins at the division ofthebrachialarteryandcoursesonthepronator teres, then lateral to the flexor carpi radialis (where its pulsations are readily palpable) up to the hand. B

2 Radial recurrent artery. A. recurrens radialis. Retrograde artery ascending medial to the radial nerve to anastomose with the radial collateral artery. B

3 Palmar carpal branch. Ramus carpalis palmaris. Small branch at the distal margin of the pronator quadratus. It joins the carpal network. B

4 Superficial palmar branch. Ramus palmaris su-perficialis. Small arterial branch coursing through the thenar eminence to the superficial palmar arch. B

5 Dorsal carpal branch. Ramus carpalis dorsalis. Branch passing transversely across the dorsum of the wrist below the long extensor tendons. A

6 Dorsal carpal network. Rete carpale dorsale. Arterial network on the dorsum of the wrist. A

7 Dorsal metacarpal arteries. Aa. metacarpales dorsales. Four arteries arising from the dorsal carpal branch or the dorsal carpal network and passing dorsally in the direction of the interdigital spaces. A

8 Dorsal digital arteries. Aa. digitales dorsales. Twoshortarteriesarisingfromeachofthedorsal metacarpalarteriesandsupplyingthedorsumof the individual fingers. A

9 Princeps pollicis artery. A. princeps pollicis. It originates from the radial artery after its entrance into the 1st dorsal interosseus muscle and divides at the flexor side of the thumb. B

10 Radialis indicis artery. A. radialis indicis. Frequent branch of the princeps pollicis artery the radial side of the index finger. B

11 Deep palmar arch. Arcus palmaris profundus. Continuation of the radial artery beneath the long flexor tendons. In anastomoses with the ulnar artery. B

12 Palmar metacarpal arteries. Aa. metacarpales palmares. Small branches of the deep palmar arch passing toward the interdigital spaces. B

13 Perforating branches. Rami perforantes. Anas-tomosewiththedorsalmetacarpalarteriesatthe dorsum of the hand. A B

14 Ulnar artery. A. ulnaris. Second terminal branch of brachial artery. It runs beneath the pronator teres, then accompanies the flexor carpi ulnaris to terminate as the superficial palmar arch. B

15 Ulnar recurrent artery. A. recurrens ulnaris. Retrograde branch of the ulnar (or brachial) artery with the two branches listed below. B

16 Anterior branch. Ramus anterior. It ascends medial to the brachialis muscle to anastomose with the inferior ulnar collateral artery. B

17 Posterior branch. Ramus posterior. Together withtheulnarnerveitascendsbehindthemedial epicondyletoanastomosewiththearticularnet-work of the elbow and the superior ulnar collateral artery. B

18 Articular network of elbow. Retearticulare cu-biti.Arterialplexusaroundtheelbowjoint,espe-ciallybehind it. B

19 Common interosseous artery. A. interossea communis. Short segment that extends from its originfromtheulnararterytoitsdivisionintothe anterior and posterior interosseous arteries. B

20 Posterior interosseous artery. A. interossea posterior. It passes between the interosseous membraneandtheobliquecordtothedorsalsur-face and supplies the extensor muscles of the forearm. A B

21 Recurrent interosseous artery. A. interossea recurrens. It passes deep to the anconeus muscle to anastomose with the middle collateral artery. B

22 Anterior interosseous artery. A. interossea anterior. It runs on the interosseous membrane and then beneath the pronator quadratus to anastomose with the dorsal carpal network. B

23 Accompanying artery of median nerve. A. combi-tansnervimediani.Long,slendervessel(median artery) which accompanies the median nerve. B

24 Palmar carpal branch. Ramus carpalis palmaris. Branchdistaltothepronatorquadratusthatsup-plies the wrist. B

25 Dorsal carpal branch. Ramus carpalis dorsalis. Branch passing laterally around the wrist to the dorsal carpal network. AB

26 Deep palmar branch. Ramus palmaris profundus. Weaker ulnar contributor to the deep pal-mararcharisingatthelevelofthepisiformbone. B

27 Superficial palmar arch. Arcus palmaris super-ficialis. It lies between the palmar aponeurosis and the long flexor tendons with the main influx from the ulnar artery. It anastomoses with the radial artery. B

28 Common palmar digital arteries. Aa.digitales palmarescommunes.Threetofourarteriesrun-ning along the sides of the fingers, which they principallysupply. B

29 Proper palmar digital arteries. Aa. digitales palmares propriae. Thick arteries on the ulnar and radial sides ofeach finger, palmar aspect. B

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