1 Reticular membrane. Membrana reticularis. Membrane covering the organ of Corti, formed by the heads of pillar/Deiters' cells. The micro-villi of hair cells emerge through the gaps. B

2 Spiral vessel. Vas spirale. Small blood vessel below the tunnel, in the tympanic layer of the 18 basilar membrane. A

3 Vestibular wall of cochlear duct (vestibular [[Reissner's]] membrane). Paries vestibularis 19 ductus cochlearis (membrana vestibularis) [[ Re-issner]]. Upper wall of the cochlear duct. It is about 3 ^m thick. A

4 External wall of cochlear duct. Paries externus ductus cochlearis. Lateral wall. A

5 Basilar crest. Crista basilaris. Pointed edge of the spiral crest that joins the basilar membrane.

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