1 AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM. Pars autonomica (systema nervorum autonomicum). It regulates the functions of the internal organs (viscera) by its influence on smooth muscle, cardiac muscle and glands.

2 AUTONOMIC (VISCERAL) PLEXUS. Plexus auto-nomici (viscerales). Autonomic nerve plexuses mainly in front of the vertebral column at the branches of the aorta.

3 GANGLIA OF AUTONOMIC PLEXUS. Ganglia plexuum autonomicorum (visceralium). Groups of ganglion cells scattered in the auton-omic plexuses for synaptic connections between pre- and postganglionic fibers.

3a PARS THORACICA AUTONOMICA. Thoracic part of the autonomic nervous system.

4 Thoracic aortic plexus. Plexus aorticus thoraci-cus. Autonomic nerve plexus around the aorta with fibers from the first five thoracic ganglia and the splanchnic nerve. It also contains afferent vagal fibers. B

5 Cardiac plexus. Plexus cardiacus. Autonomic nerve plexus from sympathetic and vagal fibers at the base of the heart, especially around the arch of the aorta and at the root of the pulmonary trunk, as well as along the coronary vessels and between the aorta and tracheal bifurcation. B

6 Cardiac ganglia. Ganglia cardiaca. Small macroscopic accumulations of ganglion cells especially to the right of the ligamentum arterio-sum. B

7 Esophageal plexus. Plexus oesophagealis. Network of autonomic nerve fibers around the esophagus.

8 Pulmonary branches. Rami pulmonales. Rami from the 3rd to 4th thoracic sympathetic ganglia, particularly to the posterior part of the pulmonary plexus. B

9 Pulmonary plexus. Plexus plumonalis. Plexus in front of and behind the hilum of the lung formed by vagal and sympathetic fibers. It is connected across the midline with the pulmonary plexus of the opposite side and with the cardiac plexus. B

9a PARS ABDOMINALIS AUTONOMICA. Abdominal part of the autonomic nervous system.

10 Abdominal aortic plexus. Plexus aorticus abdominalis. Nerve plexus in front of and on both sides of the aorta. It extends from the celiac plexus to the aortic bifurcation, receives fibers from both upper lumbar ganglia and continues caudally into the superior hypogastric plexus.

11 Celiac plexus. Plexus coeliacus. Nerve plexus around the celiac trunk. It communicates with adjacent plexuses and receives fibers from both splanchnic nerves and from the vagus. A C

12 Celiac ganglia. Ganglia coelica. Aggregations of ganglion cells communicating with the celiac plexus and lying to the right and left of the aorta by the celiac trunk. A

13 Aorticorenal ganglia. Ganglia aorticorenalia. Accumulations of ganglion cells at the exit of the renal artery. They receive the lesser splanchnic nerve and may be fused with the celiac ganglia. A

14 Superior mesenteric ganglion. Ganglion mesentericum superius. Group of ganglion cells at the right and left of the aorta near the superior mesenteric artery and its branches. It is often fused with adjacent ganglia. A

15 Intermesenteric plexus. Plexus intermesenter-icus. Nerve plexus between the superior and inferior mesenteric plexuses. A

16 Inferior mesenteric ganglion. Ganglion mesentericum inferius. Ganglion cells located entirely within the inferior mesenteric plexus. A

17 Phrenic ganglia. Ganglia phrenica. Small accumulation of ganglion cells in the nerve plexus accompanying the inferior phrenic artery. A

18 Hepatic plexus. Plexus hepaticus. Continuation of the celiac plexus at the liver with fibers from the vagus and phrenic nerves. A C

19 Splenic (lienal) plexus. Plexus splenicus (lien-alis). Extensions of the celiac plexus along the splenic artery to the spleen. A C

20 Gastric plexus. Plexus gastrici. Autonomic nerve plexus for the stomach. The anterior and posterior part is formed by the vagus, the left part is a continuation of the celiac plexus along the left gastric artery. C

21 Pancreatic plexus. Plexus pancreaticus. Continuation of the celiac plexus along the pancreatic vessels. C

22 Suprarenal plexus. Plexus suprarenalis. Continuation of the celiac plexus along the suprarenal vessels with preganglionic fibers for the suprarenal medulla. A

23 Renal plexus. Plexus renalis. Nerve plexus continued onto the renal artery. It also contains vagal fibers. A

24 Renal ganglia. Ganglia renalis. Microscopically small groups of ganglion cells dispersed within the renal plexus. A

25 Ureteric plexus. Plexus uretericus. Nerve plexus along the ureter with fibers from the renal and abdominal aortic plexuses and the aorticorenal ganglia. A

26 Testicular plexus. Plexus testicularis. Nerve plexus along the testicular artery. It extends as far as the testis and receives fibers from the renal and abdominal aortic plexuses. A

27 Ovarian plexus. Plexus ovaricus. Autonomic nerve plexus along the ovarian artery with fibers from the abdominal aortic and renal plexuses. A

28 Superior mesenteric plexus. Plexus mesenteri-cus superior. Nerve plexus accompanying the superior mesenteric artery and its branches. It contains sympathetic fibers from the celiac plexus and parasympathetic fibers from the vagus nerve. A

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