Oblique cord. Chorda obliqua. Ligamentous band extending obliquely downward from the ulnar tuberosity to the radius. It runs in an opposite direction to most fibers of the interos-seous membrane. A

Distal radioulnar joint. Articulatio radioulnaris distalis. B

Articular disc. Discus articularis. Interarticular discbetweentheulnaandcarpus.Itisattachedat the radius and styloid process of the ulna and, as an intra-articular ligament, it connects the radius and ulna. B

Recessus sacciformis. Proximal extension of the flaccid articular capsule. B Radiocarpal joint. Articulatio radiocarpalis. Proximal wrist joint between the proximal row of carpal bones and the radius including the articular disc. B

15 a Carpal joints. Articulationes carpi.

16 Intercarpal joints. Articulationes intercarpales. Joints between the carpal bones permitting only slight movement. B

Midcarpal joint. Articulatio mediocarpalis. The distalwristjointbetweentheproximalanddistal rows ofcarpal bones. B

18 Dorsal radiocarpal ligament. Lig. radiocarpale dorsale. Ligament on the dorsum of the wrist ex-tendingfromtheradiustothetriquetrumbone.C

19 Palmar radiocarpal ligament. Lig. radiocarpale palmare. Ligament on the flexor side radiating from the radius to the lunate and capitate bones. D

20 Palmar ulnocarpal ligament. Lig. ulnocarpale palmare. Ligament extending from the flexor sideoftheheadoftheulnarchieflytothecapitate bone. It often unites with fibers of the palmar radiocarpal ligament. D

21 Radiate carpal ligament. Lig. carpi radiatum. Groups of fibers radiating to both sides of the wrist mainly from the head of the capitate bone. D

22 Ulnar carpal collateral ligament. Lig. collaterale carpi ulnare. Collateral ligament extending from the styloid process of the ulna to the triquetrum and pisiform bones. C D

23 Radial carpal collateral ligament. Lig. collaterale carpi radiale. External collateral ligament passing from the styloid process of the radius to the scaphoid bone. C D

24 Dorsal intercarpal ligaments. Ligg. intercar-palia dorsalia. Ligamentous bands extending between the proximal and distal rows of carpal bones on the dorsum of the wrist. C

25 Palmar intercarpal ligaments. Ligg. intercar-palia palmaria. Groups of ligaments between the carpal bones on the palmar aspect below the radiate carpal ligament. D

1 JOINTS OF THE HAND. Articulationes manus.AB C

2 Interosseous intercarpal ligaments. Ligg. in-tercarpalia interossea. Ligaments penetrating directly through the joint clefts between the carpal bones within a row. A

3 Pisotriquetral joint. Articulatioossis pisiformis. Articulation between the pisiform and triquetrum bones. A

4 Pisohamate ligament. Lig. pisohamatum. Medial continuation of the tendon of the flexor carpi ulnaris to the hook of the hamate bone. B

5 Pisometacarpal ligament. Lig. pisometacar-pale. Lateral continuation of the tendon of the flexor carpi ulnaris to the base of the fifth meta-carpal. B

6 Carpal canal or tunnel. Canalis carpi (carpalis). Palmar canal located between the tubercles of the scaphoid and trapezium on the one side and thepisiformboneandthehookofthehamuluson the other side. It is bridged over by the flexor retinaculum (93.26). B

7 Metacarpal articulations. Articulationes carpometacarpals. Slightly movable joints between the distal carpal bones and the metacar-pals. A

8 Dorsal carpometacarpal ligaments. Ligg. car-pometacarpalia dorsalia. Rigid ligaments on the dorsum of the hand between the distal carpal bones and the metacarpal bones. C

9 Palmar carpometacarpal ligaments. Ligg. car-pometacarpalia palmaria. Ligaments on the palmar side of the hand between the distal carpal bones and the metacarpal bones. B

10 Carpometacarpal joint of the thumb. Articula-tio carpometacarpalis pollicis. Saddle joint between the first metacarpal and the trapezium. AB

11 Intermetacarpal joints. Articulationes intermetacarpals. Joints between the bases of the metacarpal bones. A

12 Dorsal metacarpal ligaments. Ligg. metacar-palia dorsalia. Ligaments between the proximal ends of the metacarpals on the extensor side. C

13 Palmar metacarpal ligaments. Ligg. metacar-palia palmaria. Ligaments between the bases of the metacarpal bones on the palmar side. B

14 Interosseous metacarpal ligaments. Ligg. metacarpalia interossea. Short, tense ligaments at the bases of the metacarpal bones. They lie in the intracapsular spaces between the dorsal and palmar metacarpal ligaments. A

15 Interosseous spaces of metacarpus. Spatia in-terossea metacarpi. Spaces between the meta-carpal bones. A C

16 Metacarpophalangeal joints. Articulationes metacarpophalangeales. Joints between the heads of the metacarpal bones and the bases of the proximal phalanges. B

17 Collateral ligaments. Ligg. collateralia. Collateral ligaments of the metacarpophalangeal joints. They slacken during extension of the fingers and become tense when making a closed first. B

18 Palmar ligaments. Ligg. palmaria. Fibers in the floor of the tendon sheaths extending from the root of the collateral ligaments to the palmar side.Theyshouldnotbeconfusedwiththeannu-lar parts of the fibrous sheaths. See page 92.28. B

19 Deep transverse metacarpal ligament. Lig. metacarpale transversum profundum. Transversely oriented fibrous tracts on the palmar side of the heads of the metacarpal bones at the level of the joint spaces. They hold the distal parts of the metacarpus together. B

20 Interphalangeal joints. Articulationes inter-phalangealesmanus. Middle and distal joints between the phalanges. B

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