osteology. Osteologia. skeletal system. Systema skeletale. Bony part. Pars ossea. Periosteum. External covering of bone. Endosteum. Internal lining of bone. It also lines the marrow cavity.

Cortical substance. Substantia corticalis. Superficial layer formed by the external main lamellae of the bone.

Compact bone. Substantia compacta. Dense bony substance formed by osteons. Spongy (trabecular) bone. Substantia spon-giosa (trabecularis). Loosely organized bone substance with interstices occupied by bone marrow.

Cartilaginous part (of the skeleton). Pars cartilaginosa.

Perichondrium. Connective tissue covering of cartilage. It contributes to cartilage growth. Axial skeleton. Skeleton axiale. Skeleton of the trunk.

Appendicular skeleton. Skeleton appendicu-

lare. Skeleton of the limbs.

Long bone. Os longum. Long bone such as the fibula.

Short bone. Os breve. Short bone such as the wrist bone.

Flat bone. Os planum. Flat bone such as the parietal bone.

Irregular bone. Os irregulare. Irregular bone such as the sphenoid bone. Pneumatic bone. Os pneumaticum. Bone with air-containing cells, e.g., the ethmoid bone. Epiphysis. End of a long bone temporarily involved in bone growth. Diaphysis. Middle piece (shaft) of bone. Metaphysis. Bony region between the epiphy-sis and diaphysis.

Epiphysial cartilage. Cartilago epiphysialis. Cartilage zone between the diaphysis and epiphysis. It is responsible for the longitudinal growth of long bones.

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