Right temporal bone, posterior view

"D Right temporal bone, lateral view

11 Tympanic part of temporal bone. Pars tym-panica. Wall of the bony external acoustic mea-tus with the exception of the posterior, upper wall (tympanic notch). B

2 Tympanic ring. Anulus tympanicus. Bony ring which is the developmental precursor of the tympanic part of the temporal bone. The superior part is still open at birth. A

3 External acoustic (auditory) meatus. Meatus acusticus externus. B

4 Opening of external acoustic meatus. Porus acusticus externus. B

5 Greater tympanic spine. Spina tympanica major. Anterior end of the tympanic ring formed by the tympanic part of the temporal bone. A

6 Lesser tympanic spine. Spina tympanica minor. Posterior end of the ring formed by the tympanic part ofthe temporal bone. A

7 Tympanic groove. Sulcus tympanicus. Groove for attachment of the tympanic membrane. A

8 Tympanic notch. Incisura tympanica. Notch between the greater and lesser tympanic spines. In the newborn, it is situated superiorly in the tympanic part of the temporal bone between the free ends of the still open tympanic ring. A

9 Sheath of styloid process. Vagina processus styloidei. Ridge formed by the tympanic part of the temporal bone and partially enclosing the root of the styloid process. A

10 Squamous part. Pars squamosa. Part of the temporal bone located between the sphenoid, parietal and occipital bones. B

11 Parietal border. Margo parietalis. Upper margin articulating with the parietal bone. B

12 Parietal notch. Incisura parietalis. Indentation posteroinferior to the temporal line. B

13 Sphenoidal border. Margo sphenoidalis. Anterior margin articulating with the sphenoid bone. B

14 Temporal surface. Facies temporalis. External surface covered primarily by the temporalis muscle. B

15 Groove for the middle temporal artery. Sul-cus arteriae temporalis mediae. B

16 Zygomatic process of temporal bone. Processus zygomaticus. It contributes to the formation of the zygomatic arch. B

17 Supramastoid crest. Crista supramastoidea. Ridge forming the posterior boundary of the field of attachment of the temporalis muscle. B

18 Suprameatal pit. Foveola suprameatica (su-prameatalis). Small pit superior to the su-prameatal spine and lateral to the mastoid antrum. B

19 Suprameatal spine. [Spina suprameatica]. Projection for attachment of the auricular cartilage. B

20 Mandibular fossa. Fossa mandibularis. De-

21 Facies articularis. Surface for articulation with the temporomandibular joint. B

22 Articular tubercle. Tuberculum articulare. Cylindrical elevation in front of the mandibular fossa. B

23 Cerebral surface. Facies cerebralis. Inner surface of squamous part of the temporal bone facing the brain.

24 Parietal bone. Os parietale. It is located between the frontal, sphenoid and temporal bones. C D

25 Internal surface. Facies interna. The internal or cerebral surface of the parietal bone. C

26 Groove for sigmoid sinus. Sulcus sinus sig-moidei. It lies in the vicinity of the mastoid angle. C

26 a Groove for superior sagittal sinus. Sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris. C

26 b Groove for middle meningeal artery. Sulcus arteriae meningeae mediae. C

27 External surface. Facies externa. The external surface of the parietal bone facing the scalp. D

28 Superior temporal line. Linea temporalis superior. Curved line for attachment of the temporal fascia. It forms the upper margins of the [[planum temporale]]. D

29 Inferior temporal line. Linea temporalis inferior. Curved line for attachment of the tem-poralis muscle. D

30 Parietal tuber. Tuber parietale. Prominence located near the middle of the external surface of the parietal bone. D

31 Occipital border. Margo occipitalis. Margin facing the occiput. C D

32 Squamous border. Margo squamosus. Inferior edge of the parietal bone. C D

33 Sagittal border. Margo sagittalis. Upper edge of parietal bone that lies in the midsagittal plane. C D

34 Frontal border. Margo frontalis. Anterior margin articulating with the frontal bone. C D

35 Frontal angle. Angulus frontalis. Anterosupe-rior angle of the parietal bone. C D

36 Occipital angle. Angulus occipitalis. Postero-superior angle of the parietal bone. C D

37 Sphenoidal angle. Angulus sphenoidalis. An-teroinferior angle of the parietal bone. C D

38 Mastoid angle. Angulus mastoideus. Post-eroinferior angle of the parietal bone. C D

39 Parietal foramen. Foramen parietale. Opening for an emissary vein from the cranial cavity, usually located in the posterosuperior part of the parietal bone. C D

pression for the head of the mandible. B

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