FACIAL NERVE (VII). N. facialis (n. intermedio- 19 facialis) [VII]. Seventh cranial nerve (nerve of the 2nd pharyngeal arch). It exits between the pons and olive, passes with the vestibulocochlear nerve into the petrous temporal bone and leaves it through the stylomastoid foramen. It supplies the muscles of facial expression. A B C D Genu of facial nerve. Geniculum [n. facialis]. 20 Bend in the facial nerve just below the anterior wall of the petrous temporal bone. A Nerve to the stapedius. N. stapedius. Slender branch supplying the stapedius muscle. A Communicating branch of facial never with tympanic plexus. Ramus communicans [cum plexus tympanico]. A

Communicating branch of facial nerve with vagus nerve. Ramus communicans [cum nervo vago]. Located directly below the stylomastoid foramen.

Posterior auricular nerve. N. auricularis posterior. Ramifies beneath the stylomastoid foramen, passes upward between the mastoid process and the external acoustic meatus and supplies the posterior ear muscles and the occipital belly of the occipitofrontalis muscle. B Occipital branch. Ramus occipitalis. Ramus supplying the occipital belly of the occipitofrontalis muscle. B

Auricular branch. Ramus auricularis. Branch to the muscles of the pinna. B Digastric branch. Ramus digastricus. It supplies the posterior belly of the digastric muscle. A B Stylohyoid branch. Ramus stylohyoideus. Branch that often arises together with the lingual branch. It supplies the stylohyoid muscle. A Communicating branch of facial nerve with glossopharyngeal nerve. Ramus communicans [cum n. glossopharyngeo]. A Intraparotid plexus. Plexus intraparotideus. Facial nerve plexus situated in the space accessible anteriorly between the two parotid lobes. B Temporal branches. Rami temporales. Rami ascending over the zygomatic arch to the muscles of facial expression above the palpebral fissure and along the ear. B

Zygomatic branches. Rami zygomatici. Rami supplying the lateral part of the orbicularis oculi and the muscles of facial expression between the palpebral and oral fissures. B Buccal branches. Rami buccales. Rami supplying the buccinator muscle and the muscles of facial expression around the mouth. B Lingual branch. Ramus lingualis. Inconstant ramus to the tongue. It sometimes arises in together with the stylohyoid ramus. Marginal mandibular branch. Ramus marginalis mandibularis. It passes to the chin and supplies 28 the muscles of facial expression below the oral fissure. B

Cervical branch. Ramus colli (cervicalis). Motor 29 branch for the platysma. It anastomoses with the transverse cervical nerve. B

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