1 Segmental bronchial branches. Rami bronchiales segmentorum. Branches of individual segmental bronchi.

2 Tunica muscularis. Muscle layer in the wall of the bronchus.

3 Tela submucosa. Connective tissue layer beneath the bronchial mucosa.

4 Tunica mucosa. Mucous membrane of the bronchi lined by ciliated columnar epithelium.

5 Bronchial glands. Gll. bronchiales. Mixed glands located below the mucosa.

6 LUNGS. Pulmones. They occupy the greater portion of the thoracic space. A B C D

7 RIGHT/LEFT LUNGS. Pulmo dexter/sinister. Right lobes are larger; left lobes smaller (10%). A B C D

8 Base of lung. Basis pulmonis (pulmonalis). Lower lung segment bordering on the diaphragm. A BCD

9 Apex of lung. Apex pulmonis (pulmonalis). Apical portion of the lung partially occupying the superior thoracic aperture. A B C D

Costal surface. [[Facies costalis]]. Lung surface bordering the ribs. AC

Medial surface. [[Facies medialis]]. Medial lung surface facing the mediastinum. B D Vertebral part. Pars vertebralis. Dorsal portion of medial surface of each lung adjacent to the vertebral column. B D

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