1 Epiphysial line. Linea epiphysialis. Line visible in radiograms and in sections of bone marking the former site of the epiphysial cartilage.

2 Joint surface. Facies articularis.

3 Medullary cavity. Cavitas medullaris.

4 Yellow bone marrow. Medulla ossium flava. It contains abundant fat.

5 Red bone marrow. Medulla ossium rubra. It is hemopoietic.

6 Nutrient foramen. Foramen nutriens. Macroscopic foramen for nutrient vessels supplying mainly the bone marrow.

7 Nutrient canal. Canalis nutriens. Canal continuous with the nutrient foramen.

8 Center of ossification. Centrum ossificationis. Site of onset of ossification of bones preformed in cartilage (endochondral ossification).

9 Primary center of ossification. Centrum ossificationis primarium. The center situated in the diaphysis (diaphysial ossification).

10 Secondary center of ossification. Centrum ossificationis secondarium. The center situated in the epiphysis (epiphysial ossification).

11 IaRTHROLOGY. Arthrologia. Study of the joints.

12 FIBROUS JOINTS. Articulationes fibrosae. They usually have no direct relationship to an articular cavity.

13 Syndesmosis. Fibrous joint with interosseous membrane or ligament.

14 Suture. Sutura.

15 Dentate suture. Sutura serrata. Serrated suture, e.g., the lambdoid suture.

16 Squamous suture. Sutura squamosa, e.g., on the temporal bone.

17 Flat suture. Sutura plana. Bony union producing a smooth surface, e.g., between the zygomatic bone and the maxilla.

18 Schindylesis. Union between a groove in one bone and a ridge in the other, e. g., between the vomer and the sphenoid bone.

19 CARTILAGINOUS JOINTS. Articulationes car-tilagineae.

20 Synchondrosis. Bony union by means of hyaline cartilage.

21 Symphysis. Bony union, partly by means of fi-brocartilage.

22 SYNOVIAL JOINTS. Articulationes synoviales. Bony union with an intervening articular cavity.

123 Simple joint. Articulatio simplex. Joint between only two bones, e. g., the hip joint.

24 Composite joint. Articulatio composita (complexa). Joint involving more than two bones, e. g., the wrist joint.

25 Plane joint. Articulatio plana. Joint with almost smooth articular surfaces.

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