21 Root of tooth. Radix dentis. Portion of the tooth covered by cementum. E

22 Apex of root of tooth. Apex radicis dentis. E

23 Clinical root. Radix clinica. Portion ofthe tooth situated below the gum. C

24 Occlusal (masticatory) surface. Facies oc-clusalis (masticatoria) dentis. B E

25 Vestibular (facial) surface. Facies vestibularis (facilis) dentis. Tooth surface facing the vestibule. D G

25 a Buccal surface. Facies buccalis dentis. Tooth surface facing the cheek.

25 b Labial surface. Facies labialis dentis. Tooth surface facing the lips.

26 Lingual and palatine surfaces. Facies lingualis/ palatalis dentis. Tooth surfaces facing the tongue and palate, respectively. A G

27 Approximal surface. Facies approximalis. Tooth surface facing the adjacent tooth. G

28 Mesial surface. Facies mesialis. Vertical contact surface of a tooth turned away from the last molar. G

29 Distal surface. Facies distalis. Vertical contact surface of a tooth facing away from the first incisor. G

29 a Contingent area. Area contingens. Direct contact surface of adjacent teeth.

30 Cingulum. Ridge near the neck of a tooth connecting both marginal crests at the lingual surface of incisor and canine teeth. A

31 Marginal crest. Crista marginalis. Lateral marginal ridge on the lingual surface of the incisor and canine teeth which goes over into the cingulum at the neck region. A

32 Incisal margin. Margo incisalis. Occlusal edge of incisor and canine teeth. A

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