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Ramus(-i) ganglionici (ganglionares) (lingual nerve) 326.7 (maxillary nerve) 322.15 ganglionis trigeminalis (internal carotid) 200.20 gastrici (gastroepiploic artery)

218.20, 218.32 (vagus nerve) anterior 332.26 posterior 332.27 genitalis (genitofemoral nerve)

342.22 gingivales (inferior alveolar nerve) 326.16a inferiores (inferior alveolar nerve) 326.13 superiores (infraorbital nerve) 324.8 glandularis(-es) anterior (superior thyroid artery) 194.15 (inferior thyroid artery) 210.16 lateral (superior thyroid artery) 194.16a posterior (superior thyroid artery) 194.16 (submandibular ganglion)

328.28 (submental artery) 196.11 globi pallidi (anterior choroidal artery) 202.29 griseus (spinal nerve) 334.11a helicini (uterine artery) 224.2a hepatici (vagus nerve) 332.28 hypothalamicus (posterior communicating artery) 208.22

ilealis (ileocolic artery) 220.9a iliacus (iliolumbar artery) 222.11 inferior(-es) (oculomotor nerve) 320.7 ossis pubis 44.20 (superior gluteal artery) 222.23

(transverse cervical nerve) 336.3

infrahyoideus (superior thyroid artery) 194.9 infrapatellaris (saphenous nerve) 344.5 inguinales (external pudendal arteries) 224.35 intercostales anteriores (internal thoracic artery) 210.10 interganglionares 350.24 intermedius (medial segmental artery) 218.12a internus (accessory nerve) 332.35 (superior laryngeal nerve) 332.12

Ramus (-i) interventricularis anterior (left coronary artery) 192.17 posterior (right coronary artery) 192.12 septales (left coronary artery)

192.20 (right coronary artery) 192.13

isthmi faucium (lingual nerve)

326.2 labiales anteriores (external puden-

dal arteries) 224.34 (inferior alveolar nerve) 326.16

posteriores (internal puden-

dal artery) 224.12 superiores (infraorbital nerve) 324.12 laryngopharyngeales 352.3 lateralis(-es) (hepatic duct) 132.13 (left coronary artery) 192.19 (lumbar nerves) 342.4 (middle cerebral artery)

204.22 nasi 196.13b

(portal vein of liver) 248.11 (right pulmonary artery) 190.21

(sacral/coccygeal nerves)

342.10 (spinal nerve) 334.16 (supraorbital nerve) 320.25 lingualis(-es) (facial nerve) 328.16 (glossopharyngeal nerve)

330.30 (hypoglossal nerve) 334.2 (lingual nerve) 326.6 lingularis (left pulmonary artery) 190.34 inferior 190.36 superior 190.35 (left superior pulmonary vein) 232.1

lobi inferioris (left pulmonary artery)

190.36a (right pulmonary artery) 190.22a medii

(right pulmonary artery) 190.20

(superior right pulmonary vein) 230.14 superioris (left pulmonary artery)

190.29a (right pulmonary artery) 190.14a

Ramus (-i) lumbalis (iliolumbar artery)

222.9 malleolares laterales (peroneal artery)

228.15 mediales (posterior tibial artery) 228.10 mammarii laterales 340.22 (lateral thoracic artery) 212.19

(posterior intercostal arteries) 216.15 mediales (intercostal nerve) 340.25 (internal thoracic artery) 210.8 mandibulae 28.1 marginalis dexter (right coronary artery) 192.10 mandibularis (facial nerve)

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