Suprascapular artery. A. suprascapularis. Generally arises from the thyrocervical trunk, crosses over the scalenus anterior, runs above the superior transverse scapular ligament into the supraspinous and infraspinous fossae and anastomoses with the circumflex scapular artery. A

Acromial branch. Ramus acromialis. It penetrates the attachment of the trapezius and passes to the acromion. A Costocervical trunk. Truncus costocervicalis. Origin: posterior wall of subclavian artery behind the scalenus anterior. B Deep cervical artery. A. cervicalis profunda. It courses posteriorly between the transverse processes of C7 and T1, then upwards on the semispinalis. It supplies the nuchal musculature. B

Highest intercostal artery. A. intercostalis suprema. Common trunk for the first two intercostal arteries. B

First and second posterior intercostal arteries. Aa. intercostalis posterior prima et secunda. They pass in the first two intercostal spaces, respectively. B

Dorsal branches. Rami dorsales. Branches for the muscles and skin of the back. B Spinal branches. Rami spinales. Branches to the spinal cord via intervertebral foramina T1-2. B ARTERIES OF THE UPPER LIMB. Arteriae mem-bri superioris.

Axillary Artery. Arteria axillaris. Continuation of the subclavian artery as far as the lower margin of the pectoralis major. A B Subscapular branches. Rami subscapulares. Individual branches to the subscapularis muscle. A

Superior thoracic artery. A. thoracica superior. Variable branch to the subclavius, intercostals 1-2 and serratus anterior muscles. A Thoracoacromial artery. A. thoracoacromialis. It arises at the upper margin of the pectoralis minor and ramifies in all directions. A Acromial branch. Ramus acromialis. Branch passing superolaterally through the deltoid muscle to the acromion. A Acromial network. Rete acromiale. Arterial network on the acromion. A Clavicular branch. Ramus clavicularis. Small branch to the clavicle and the subclavius muscle. A

Deltoid branch. Ramus deltoideus. Branch passing posterolaterally for the deltoid and pectoralis major muscles. A Pectoral branches. Rami pectorales. Branches passing inferiorly for the serratus anterior and pectoral muscles. A

Lateral thoracic artery. A. thoracica lateralis. It passes downward at the lateral margin of the pectoralis minor to supply the pectoral and serratus anterior muscles. A

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