I 1 Palatine process. Processus palatinus. Horizontal plate which forms the largest part of the hard palate. A B

2 Nasal crest. Crista nasalis. Midline bony ridge for the attachment of the nasal septum. B

3 incisive bone (premaxilla). [Os incisivum]. Separate fetal bone which becomes incorporated into the adult maxilla and houses the incisor teeth. A

4 Incisive canal. Canalis incisivus. It originates as a paired canal from the floor of the nasal cavity and unites with the palate in the uniform fossa incisiva. A B

5 Incisive suture. [Sutura incisiva]. Suture between the premaxilla and the palatine process of the maxilla (visible only during development). It usually extends from the incisive foramen to the space between the canine and second incisor. A

6 Palatine spines. Spinae palatinae. Bony ridges along the palatine grooves. A

7 Palatine grooves. Sulci palatini. Grooves run-ningfromposteriortoanterioralongtheinferior surface of the palate for passage of nerves and vessels from the greater palatine foramen. A

8 Alveolar process. Processus alveolaris. Crested process that bears the teeth. A

9 Alveolar arch. Arcus alveolaris. Curved free border of the alveolar process. A

10 Dental alveoli. Alveoli dentales. Sockets in the alveolar process that house the roots of the teeth. A

11 interalveolar septa. Septa interalveolarina. Bony ridges between adjacent alveoli. A

12 Interradicular septa. Septa interradicularia. Bony partitions, each forming compartments for the roots of a tooth. A

13 Alveolar juga. Juga alveolaria. Eminences on the external surface of the jaw produced by the protrusion of the tooth sockets. A B

14 incisive foramen. Foramen incisivum. Opening of the incisive canal into the oral cavity. A

15 Palatine bone. Os palatinum. Bone forming the posterior continuation of the maxilla. A B D E

16 Perpendicular plate. Lamina perpendicularis. Vertical plate which forms part of the medial wall of the maxillary sinus. B C D E

17 Nasal surface. Facies nasalis. Surface of the perpendicular plate facing the nasal cavity. E

18 Maxillary surface. Facies maxillaris. Lateral surface of the perpendicular plate, parts of which border with the pterygopalatine fossa and the maxillary sinus. D

19 Sphenopalatine notch. Incisura sphenopalat-ina. Part of the sphenopalatine foramen at the superior margin of the perpendicular plate. D E

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