1 Ductus arteriosus [[ Botalli]]. Short arterial duct in the fetus between the division of the pulmonary trunk and the arch of the aorta. It is patent until birth. A

Ligamentum arteriosum. Connective tissue remains of the ductus arteriosus. B AORTA. Principal artery of the body. B ASCENDING AORTA. Pars ascendens aortae. Proximal ascending part of the aorta up to the site where it loses its pericardium. B Bulb of aorta. Bulbus aortae. Bulbous enlargement of the aorta caused by the aortic sinus. It lies distal to the root of the aorta. C Aortic sinus. Sinus aortae. Dilatation of the aortic lumen at the level of each of the three aortic valvular cusps. C

Right coronary artery. A. coronaria dextra. It arises in the region of the right aortic sinus and courses in the right coronary groove. C D 7 a Atrioventricular branches. Rami atrioventricu-lares. Branches that occupy the atrioventricular groove and supply the AV node D. Branch to conus arteriosus. Ramus coni arteri-osi. Inferior branch. C

Branch to sinuatrial node. Ramus nodi sinuatrialis. Most frequent branch (55%) that leads to a vascular plexus at the entrance of the superior vena cava and then to the SA node. C 9 a Atrial branches. Rami atriales. Branches to right atrium. C

Right marginal branch. Ramus marginalis dexter. Inferior branch to outer margin of the right ventricle. C D

Intermediate atrial branch. Ramus atrialis in-termedius. Superior branch on posterior side of right atrium. D

Posterior interventricular branch. Ramus in-terventricularis posterior. Terminal branch of right coronary artery lying in posterior inter-ventricular groove. D

Septal interventricular branches. Rami interventriculars septales. Branches in inter-ventricular septum. D

Branch to atrioventricular node. Ramus nodi atrioventricularis. Branch extending from the beginning of the branch of the right coronary artery to the AV node. D Right posterolateral branch. [Ramus post-erolateralis dexter]. Branch occasionally found at posterior wall of left ventricle. D Left coronary artery. A. coronaria sinistra. Artery arising in region of left aortic sinus. C Anterior interventricular branch. Ramus in-terventricularis anterior. Branch coursing in anterior interventricular groove. C Left branch to conus arteriosus. Ramus coni arteriosi. Rare. C

Lateral branch. Ramus lateralis. Left branch at anterior wall of left ventricle. C

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