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1 Superior mesenteric artery. A. mesenterica superior. Unpaired branch of the aorta arising about 1 cm below the celiac trunk. It extends from behind the pancreas to the uncinate process and passes with its branches into the mesentery and mesocolon. A B

2 Inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery. A. pan-creaticoduodenalis inferior. It arises behind the pancreas and passes between the duodenum and pancreas to anastomose with the superior pancreaticoduodenal artery. A

2a Anterior branch. Ramus anterior. It anastomoses with the anterior superior pancreati-coduodenal artery. See p. 219 C

2b Posterior branch. Ramus posterior. It anastomoses with the posterior superior pancreati-coduodenal artery. See p.219 C

3 Jejunal branches. Aa. jejunales. Branches coursing in the mesentery to supply the jejunum. A

4 Ileal branches. Aa. ileales. Branches coursing in the mesentery to supply the ileum. A

5 Ileocolic artery. A. ileocolica. It passes in the root of the mesentery downward and to the right toward the ileocecal junction. A

6 Colic branch. Ramus colicus. Ascending branch to the ascending colon. It anastomoses with the right colic artery. A

7 Anterior cecal artery. A. caecalis (cecalis) anterior. It passes in the vascular cecal fold to the anterior surface of the cecum. A

8 A. caecalis (cecalis) posterior. It courses behind the ileocecal junction to the posterior surface of the cecum. A

9 Appendicular artery. A. appendicularis. It extends from behind the ileum to the free margin of the meso-appendix. It varies greatly in its origin and is often doubled. A

9a Ilealbranch. Ramus ilealis. Descending branch to the ileum. It anastomoses with the lowermost ileal artery. A

10 Right colic artery. A. colica dextra. It passes retroperitoneally to the ascending colon. Anastomoses with the a scending branch ofileocolic artery and middle colic artery. A

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