1 ENDBRAIN.Telencephalon. The endbrain, which is formed by invagination ofthe prosencephalon (forebrain). It consists of the cerebral cortex together with the corpus callosum, corpus stri-atum and olfactory brain.

2 CEREBRUM. In the present context, it comprises the two cerebral hemispheres and their contents.

3 Cerebral cortex. Cortex cerebralis (pallium). Paired portion of the hemispheres covering most of the brainstem.

4 Cerebral gyri. Gyri cerebrales. Convolutions of the cerebral hemispheres, about 1 cm wide.

5 Cerebral sulci. Sulci cerebrales. Fissures between gyri.

6 Cerebral lobes. Lobi cerebrales. The four lobes of the cerebrum: frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital.

7 Longitudinal fissure of cerebrum. Fissura longitudinalis cerebralis. Deep longitudinal groove between the right and left cerebral hemispheres. It lodges the falx cerebri. B

8 Transverse fissure of cerebrum. Fissura transversa cerebralis [[fissura telodiencephalica]]. Fissure beneath the corpus callosum and fornix as well as above the thalamus and roof of the 3rd ventricle. B

9 Lateral fossa of cerebrum. Fossa lateralis cere-bralis. Space deep within the lateral sulcus. B

10 Superior (superomedial) margin. Margo superior (superomedialis). Superior border of a hemisphere between the superolateral and medial surface. B

11 Inferior (inferolateral) margin. Margo inferior (inferolateralis). Inferolateral border of a hemisphere between the superolateral and inferior surfaces. B

12 Medial (inferomedial) margin. Margo medialis (inferomedialis). Inferomedial border of either hemisphere between the inferior and medial surfaces. B

13 [[Fissura limitans]]. Fissure between the insula and opercula. The floor of this cleft, the sulcus limitans, receives the insula.

14 Cerebral hemisphere. Hemispharium (cere-bralis). Half of the telencephalon. B

15 Superolateral surface of hemisphere. Facies superolateralis hemispherii. Upper and lateral surface of the hemisphere. B

16 Central sulcus. Sulcus centralis. Furrow located between the pre- and postcentral gyri and between the frontal and parietal lobes. A

17 Lateral sulcus. Sulcus lateralis. Deep cleft passing superiorly between the temporal and frontal lobes and inferiorly between the temporal and parietal lobes.

18 Anterior ramus. Ramus anterior. Short anteriorly directed branch of the lateral sulcus. A

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