26 Sublingual papilla. Caruncula sublingualis. A small mucosal eminence on either side of the frenulum. It receives the opening of the submandibular duct and the major sublingual duct. B

27 Sublingual fold. Plica sublingualis. Mucosal fold overlying the sublingual gland and extending posterolaterally from the sublingual papilla. B

28 Parotid papilla. Papilla ductus parotidei. Small mucosal elevation at the opening of the parotid duct lateral to the second upper molar tooth. B

29 Transverse palatine folds. Plicae palatinae transversae. Mucosal folds running transversely on the anterior part of the hard palate. D

30 Incisive papilla. Papilla incisiva. Small mucosal elevation over the incisive foramen at the anterior end of the palatine raphe. D

30a GLANDULAE ORIS. The glands of the mouth.

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